About Shae: How I Got Here

Welcome to Shaegea.com – a Blog that helps bloggers and writers express their creative self

My Story

Back in 2010, I was tired of working at a restaurant, not knowing what to do next with my life, I’ve always been in the digital field since I was in middle school. I thought that having a blog was for people to kill time and they just wanted a hobby.

My mindset was trash, that I remember looking up how to start a blog, and it seemed so easy that I told myself that it was a lie and somehow talked myself out of it. I was afraid to put myself out there, in other words, I was afraid to put myself out there.

Almost a decade went by and I finally decided to create a blog, this time I bought a cheap course, at the time I couldn’t even write blog posts. I had no idea what to write. A year went by and after joining several affiliate marketing programs. I found Wealthy Affiliate, In about a month I had already a website with posts. Shortly after I was already ranking on google.

Why Shaegea?

Well, if we’re talking about my name, some of my closest friends and family members call me Shae and the domain sheilagea.com was already taken ever since I started using google to look up my name but Shaegea.com is dedicated to helping bloggers and writers blast through writer’s block, and to freely express themselves instead of staring at a blank piece of paper for hours. I believe that you have a lot to contribute to this world and is essential for you to work on your inner creator to give value and monetize from your skills and knowledge.

Our Goal

Shaegea focuses on the Internet marketing essentials that you’ll need and especially to never run out of content. Helping you with different resources so you can jumpstart your business. We’re a combination of talents including:

Internet marketing



If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to send an email at contact@shaegea.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,