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About Us

My real name is Sheila but I go by Shae. I enjoy writing, watching Anime and play computer games with my husband.

Part of finding my why was learning all about WordPress, Blogging, writing, finances, productivity and really lots of other things

I chose to focus on the most important to help you build a Profitable online business on a budget.

Last recession (2007-2008) was hard for my family and me. Now with everything that’s going I want to help Millennials to  understand the power of an online business model,

and to give them the confidence they need to be more than capable to do it themselves and help those around.

Have you started something and never finished it because you simply didn’t know what to do? Or just like me didn’t have the right people walking you step by step?

I know I have!

When I was trying to start my blog and turn it into a business, I felt like they weren’t enough blogs that will tell you how to actually make money blogging.

Making money blogging can be complicated.

When I first created my eCommerce store I struggled to drive traffic simply because I didn’t know what to do.

I made it my mission to help women who are hungry, that want success and freedom

This blog is for women who feel left out and want a blueprint on how to monetize their passion.

Who are tired of being in debt, tired of getting up for work they’re not passionate about

Look, I can go on and on if you’re in the corporate rat race because I’ve been there

It’s Important to me that you understand what to focus on first when it comes to blogging. I mean it’s all about focus.

Getting the online entrepreneur certification was the first step to build my website in less than 30 minutes.

Not even that!

It also shows me a simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly


Why ShaeGea?

The first time using google, I typed my name and then dot com, only to find out that the domain was already taken by a real estate agent

I decided to go with my nickname and last name, There are so many things to focus on when starting to blog and keeping consistent.

Shaegea.com is dedicated to help bloggers and writers build a profitable blog on a budget, and freely express themselves through content marketing.

I believe that you have a lot to contribute to this world and is essential for you to work on your inner creator to give value and monetize from your skills and knowledge.

Our Goal

We focus on Internet marketing essentials that you need to focus on your blogging career.

and never run out of writing ideas!

Helping you with different resources so you can jumpstart your business.

You’ll be learning about

  • Internet marketing
  • Productivity
  • Writing &
  • Finances

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to send an email at contact@shaegea.com and I will be more than happy to help you out.Shae Gea

All the best,

Shae Gea


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