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Can I Create My Own Website for Free


People often ask  Can I create my own website for free and yes you can! in fact,

it’s something pretty doable there are lots of services that let you create a free website, however, most platforms are very limited,

you can only use the tools they Provide.

It’s no secret at all that you can create your own website, of course, most of the time it’s not for free.

But what if I create my own website for free and still rank on google? I know right? I thought it was never going to be possible.

When I first started my blog was January of last year, it was a blog about trading Forex, at the time I was studying during the day and trading at night (London session).

I found Forex interesting but I had to invest a lot of money.

I wanted to build wealth and learn how to make money from home but I didn’t want to run out of money in the meantime.

I wasn’t in a position to be investing large sums of money.

Back then, I had started with Create & Go, I bought a course from them that helped me start my blog for $70, plus what I had to spend on Blue host and my domain.

Seriously, is it me? or every time I start a new course I find myself on YouTube searching for a solution to my problem?

At the time I was working two jobs, making ends meet, feeling so frustrated with my life, and thought if people

“can really make money just by writing on their website?”

I didn’t know how to even write a blog post, or whenever I got stuck building my website, I didn’t know how to do attract online traffic, I was tired of all of the up sells.

To my surprise, after searching for an affiliate review on the web,

I found Siterubix, a platform that lets you create a professional-looking Website for free and still rank on google.

Not only that but when you create a free wealthy affiliate account they walk you step by step and teach you ways to rank on Google using SEO techniques.


Why do you want to create Your Own Website?

You want to build a website to gain credibility and establish yourself as a leader.

Having a blog helped me realize, that when you help the web organize information and bring value, the web will reward you.

In today’s digital era, I believe that having a website in the future will be a prominent asset for most.

Having a website is an asset if you’re determined to build wealth, having a website will help you build passive income.

Even, if you’re trying to get a job. At interviews, list your website.

Employers will be impressed by the knowledge and expertise you’re bringing to their community.

A form to have an online presence that allows you to market your business online in any niche and in any form of marketing,

this way you let your audience why they should trust you, giving your audience specific and thorough solutions can help you accomplish this.

Can I Create My Own Website for Free

 Position Yourself as a Leader

Having a website lets you build multiple assets within it, you could build an email list, promote your business,  a nonprofit organization and more.

The more time you invest in your blog by building relevant content the higher chances you’ll have to rank on google.

By establishing a relationship with your reader will help you gain credibility in the long term will transmit your business around the world.

You could attract a specific group of people, for example, if you’re a mom you could have a mommy blog.

Even if you think that the market is saturated, there’s a ton of mommies needing your help, so if you really feel like doing it go for it!

As you create more content for your website, mentally it will help you acknowledge yourself as a leader and finding more solutions for your audience. If you ever want to create an info product or a service, having your own website can already put you at a greater advantage than most.


Can I Create My Own Website for Free


Ranking on Google?

Yes, very possible.

Again, you can totally create a website for free and still rank, but I’d still think you should buy a domain later.

Unfortunately buying a short term blogging course didn’t help me move forward with the forex blog so I ended up not finishing it.

Almost a year later I found Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate platform that taught me and walks me through every step of the way to build my own website.

Most people don’t like SEO, because is very time consuming and it takes longer to attract online traffic, but on the other hand,

Learning SEO can help you generate a full time online income in the long run.

The whole time I was looking for systems and strategies that worked for real people at any income level.

Luckily found the resources to help you master the art of SEO to take your website to the next level.

Coming from an impatient but very curious person what kept me on tasks and motivated is often asking myself,

What would happen in 3 months from now if I keep working on my website? Once you start creating content, there’s no turning back.

You work so hard and put a lot of work on it that you’d find it hard to quit.

Can I Create My Own Website for Free

 How to Profit

People who have a website, often make money online with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing is the ability to promote products and services through affiliate programs,

which is an automotive technology that allows you to promote products and services from other companies.

With Google Ad sense, or Pay per Click (PPC) you could put other people’s ads on your site and earn revenue.

Nowadays, you could be putting the same effort and investment of a college degree in a blog and could be making your money and revenue within a year.

Most of the “making a quick buck” opportunity never got me anywhere, most of the time left me confused wondering if I really needed to get their up sells for me to have a profitable business.

Being an Affiliate marketer sometimes can be more profitable, but it’s all a matter of testing.

I personally don’t like to see a bunch of ads on a website, so I limit the advertising on my blog.


Can I Create My Own Website for Free


Website vs Funnel

So yes you can create your website for free, but what about a funnel?

Lots of times, I hear people saying you don’t need a website you need a funnel.

For me, a funnel is a form online traffic strategy, that you could build,

but it’s not something I would recommend right from the start, it’s important to first, learn to create your own website,

understand your audience and attract more of it with a funnel strategy.

The truth is, when you’re starting out in your business you don’t need to pay an expensive monthly membership for a funnel builder software to be successful.

The best way is to start slow, the most important thing to do when starting a profitable website is to be consistent and creating relevant content.

Besides expanding my creativity and doing what I really love, which is writing, it taught me a lot throughout the years.

To be honest, I feel really lucky that I decided to start my blog and keep going, the help I’m getting from a supporting blogger community has helped me to move forward.

Do you feel capable of creating a website on your own for free? Do you believe you can rank on google on a free website?


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