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Wanna learn how to automate your business?

when every time you’re on Facebook or Instagram you find yourself distracted watching cat videos and cute baby pictures, Posting regularly on Social media it’s an important step to engage people with your brand.

I know because when I first started my MLM business I didn’t’ know how to post on social media and since I didn’t I stopped posting because I would just let myself get distracted too!

We want to get our audience attention but we can’t do that if we are the ones getting distracted on social media.

You might be starting your own digital marketing agency and have a hard time posting regularly or starting your own business.

Most people when they start a business they get excited and motivated, therefore they announce it to the whole world and start inserting affiliate links everywhere.

The truth about that is that people feel like your spamming.

People don’t like to be sold, most people anticipate buyer’s remorse and so avoid at all cost everyone that is starting their own business.

So you started a business and you want to promote it on social media but you don’t know what to post about. Now what? You hear the gurus always saying to post three times a day but how do you do that if you can’t even stop scrolling on Facebook to compare yourself to the people that are getting engagement on social media.

If you want to know the solution to this problem keep reading!

What is Promo republic?

It’s so simple! You the first time I learn about promo public, at the time I was looking into tailwind to automate daily posting on Instagram and Pinterest but after learning of promo republic was a life changer for me.

Promo Republic is a software that helps you automate your post. It’s kinda like a set it and forget it thing.  You can manage content for your business and schedule posts for the week or even for the whole month!

how to automate your business


Promorepublic lets you start a FREE 14-day trial and after that, You can choose a plan that suits you best and you’re set! When I first tried them out, I was so busy at the time with work, that I didn’t get to use all of their features so they gave me another 14-day trial period to try them out again!

If you’re a small business owner I recommend you get the $49 a month plan, since there’s a pretty good chance to grow just using the platform Alone.

They do offer a Solo plan but’s it’s only billed annually at $108, which would be $9/month but you can only manage three social media profiles and only schedule post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You still get 100,000+ Post Ideas library, graphics editor, smart posting, basic post Statistics and chat and email support.

Or Select the Standard plan If you’re a small business managing 10 Social media profiles with 1 team member, everything included in the Solo plan, time-slots and  Workspaces, which I’ll be explaining here in a minute.

The Standard plan is also billed annually as $468 or $39 a month but these are only offered once you start the 14-day Trial.

But If you a Social Media Agency you can select a monthly plan. Prices are below


how to automate your business

Before I used to hang out on canva the whole time trying to come up with a great visual or posts and to be honest as much I can say that I love graphic design I’m not that good at it.

It would take me a lot of time to learn graphics design.

Still something I want to learn but right now It’s best to automate the things you aren’t good at and that takes time.

but It’s safe to say that the platform became an asset for me, and it can be an assent for you too! they have  post Ideas for you to choose in

  • upcoming events
  • animated
  • stories
  • articles
  • quotes

Don’t get me wrong I love canva! but let’s be honest. It comes to a point where you no longer have time to create content on canva and by content. Promorepublic understand that you need everything in one place. You can surf and choose from over 100,000 Post Ideas in their Post ideas Library.


how to automate your business

Graphics editor

To use the graphics editor, simply select create a post, if you want to create a post from scratch or you can pick a post idea template, you can change the text, background, add object like a banner or emojis or upload your own images saved them for the future.

Graphic’s edit has the right dimensions for every image you want to create, no need to be googling anymore.

In all honesty, all I do is select a template and change the text and background After I’m done I save it to my Pc and my account. You can even use these same images for future posts.

how to automate your business

Time Slots

To post on promorepublic is so easy! after you’re done creating an Image in the graphic’s editor, you can either send it to your Facebook ad manager or select use, choose a social media page to  publish it now or schedule it for the best time slot or add it to queue, which is adding posts to the timetable previously set up.

You could also boost posts only for Facebook pages.


how to automate your business

You can go to Calendar as well and select the best time slot. You could choose to post for the entire week or more.

When you first join promorepublic, they’re going to ask you what kind of business you’re managing.

The software will tell you will then tell you based on that, the time you need to be posting and what type of posts you should be posting.

It could be a promotional, motivational & fun posts or educational. From there select create a new post and select a post Idea, tweak it to your liking and schedule it for the best Time Slot.

how to automate your business


the content bundle is an awesome feature that they have as well. First of all, they offer professional custom content for your business and an onboarding call with a social media expert. If you have a hard time creating content or just don’t have time to create it yourself the content bundle offers:

  • 20 Templates Tailored for Your Business
  • Personalized Visual Branding
  • All types of Content + Rich Media Content
  • Ready-to-go Templates (both Editable and Reusable)


Make money

Not only has helped me with content and automation but it also has a great affiliate program.

Their blog is packed with strategies, guides and tools on how to grow your social media agency and freelancer growth blog.

You could start offering social media marketing services and earn money with promorepublic alone. Utilize ready to use white labels sales materials and templates at every stage that you’re serving your clients.

You can also request a demo with a dedicated success manager that will help your team and clients with onboarding and to use the software efficiently.

You can rely on promorepublic to scale faster and improve your online business

4 thoughts on “Digital Marketing Agency or Solopreneur? Learn How to Automate Your Business with Promo Republic”

  1. This is a great news and I really love the fact that you have shared this here. My only problem is that I do not know how to engage my followers and also to communicate faster through to them. Hence, if this promo republic can simply help to fill the vacuum, I would be more than glad for that. Thank you so much for Sharing this offer here. I would check them out now

    1. What I love about promorepublic, is that it will tell you when the best time to post to engage with your audience, and not only that but you can select a post Idea that lets you engage with your audience! it’s a pretty cool software and I’m glad you found this as great news. Wishing you success 🙂

  2. Your guide is awesome for everyone like me. I learn lot of new thing while reading your guide on Digital Marketing Agency or Solopreneur. Posting regularly on Social media it’s an important step to engage people with your brand. Now I know that people don’t like to be sold, most people anticipate buyer’s remorse and so avoid at all cost everyone that is starting their own business.

    1. Yes! Back in the day when I joined an MLM I didn’t understand this concept either but using promorepublic has helped me automate my business and expand my audience. Thank you for stopping by Naksh 🙂

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