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make-money-onlineEasiest way to start an online business

In today’s fast pace world 3.7 million people are working from home legitimately. According to Fundera 1.79 billion people shopped online last year, and with infinite information surfing the web, it’s clear that the internet is creating more jobs.

I don’t know about you but the internet for me is crucial, whether is checking my bank account online, using the GPS or finding a solution to a problem the internet is always there for us and that’s why we love it! Now, in my experience starting an online business it’s no easy task especially when you’re not sure where to start, on the other hand, it comes with having great benefits.

One of them, of course, having control of my time, but even with all these benefits that come along with having your own business, lots of people are still wondering if it’s doable or not.

Can you REALLY make money online?

Working from home was always a dream for me having heard my parent’s tell me you can make money by “sitting at home looking pretty” until the internet came along, then I started seeing REAL success stories.

I wanted to travel, eat different foods, visit places you see on social media, the house of my dreams, etc. Not only that but the thought of doing something meaningful instead of work-from-your-computerdoing repetitive work was more than enough to start my journey as an entrepreneur.

Here’s the caveat: You won’t see the money right away because you’ll be building your business but after a few months you start seeing some earnings here and there until you consistently reach your goal.

You can’t expect a paycheck from your business within three weeks like in a job. Keep in mind that a business it’s different is what actually brings jobs. Unlike any business, you can potentially make an income from home in a matter of months, that is if you work hard at it and invest time and money.

In today’s day in age, one in for four Americans makes money from the online economy. Results are not Typical, like anything you have to put in the work.

Work from home with kids

The thought of starting my own family made me want to take this even more serious. Now I might not have kids but this might be another subject for another day but kids want attention and most of the time money doesn’t cut it(I’ve tried it with my nephews) but Time does.

Kids learn by example, If your kids see that you’re in control of your time and that your investing time in your business AND in your work-from-home-with-kidskids. They can potentially become independent and learn from you.

You can influence your kids to independently work toward their future goals and learn to build good habits., by following your example they’ll know that it’s good to work hard even when nobody is watching.

Time management is essential in starting an online business. Keep in mind you won’t have a boss to tell you when and how to do things, your business is ALL you.

Work from home for amazon


Amazon sales accounts for 40% of US eCommerce. Amazon is a well-reputed and trusted Brand and it’s known All over the world. Often, when I delivered for Amazon a large number of people would tell me that they had just bought the Items a few hours ago, happy and pleased.

You have access to everything that’s being sold in amazon and helps you finalize purchases by following up amazon-affiliate-marketingwith your customers. One of the cons of being an affiliate is that the commissions are low, you could build your customer base by starting a youtube channel and reviewing products in a specific niche of your choice.

You will have to invest in getting website visitors so they can buy your products. To become an affiliate for Amazon apply into their Amazon Associates program.

Legitimate work from home ideas

I guess if we’re starting from easiest to hardest legitimate work from home ideas, I would have to start with surveys but honestly, I’ve never heard of anyone making a sustainable income from surveys, you could, if you find it fulfilling.

Building Infoproducts would be the next easiest, Creating Content in a digital form like an ebook or an Ecourse. If you have basic/intermediate computer skills (Microsoft word, excel, data entry etc) You could look for jobs as a virtual assistant on or and monetize from certain gigs.

If you love pets you could start an eCommerce store about dogs and sell items related to dogs or you might enjoy cooking create a recipe ebook on and sell it online. If you’re not into dealing with inventory but still want to sell, dropshipping your products from another vendor would be your go-to.

It really depends on what you like or what you’re good at, the possibilities are endless, you can be a social media manager, programming web design, web developer, etc. Most of these required time to invest, especially if you’re getting ready to learn any of these skills.

Best way to start an online businesslegitmate-home-business-ideas

When I first started I didn’t know where Like I said starting a business is no easy task, but starting an online business is easier than starting other business.

I don’t like focusing on the expensive cars and the flashy life just like the marketing gurus but instead on personal development. Starting my business gave me clarity in what I really want, remember your business is You, therefore if you want your business to get better You’re going to need to get better.

In my journey, I learn that it’s easier to refer to the self-help space when feeling like quitting.

The best and easier way to start your business is with affiliate marketing or selling info products. You will still have to invest in your business but it will be less than what you’d invest in a regular business.

Yes, it’s pretty doable. Believe me, I thought someone like me couldn’t make money staying at home but to be honest, I’m getting closer to my goal and when you feel you’re closer to your goal, then you know it is attainable. Have you started an online business already? or maybe you’re thinking of starting your online business? Let me know in the comments below 👇


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