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Finding your voice as a writer can be a difficult task, especially when you’re trying to create content for your blog or simply be an authentic and a better writer. I know that it was a difficult task for me, when I started in the Digital marketing space, I was so afraid to start my online business, don’t get me wrong the whole idea sounded exciting but somehow I knew that I didn’t have any value to offer let alone give value to others.

Jumping to one affiliate offer to the next, I couldn’t it. In order to find your voice, you have to seek value within yourself and the way to do it is by adding value to ourselves. Not only that but by being present, paying attention at the moment. I wasn’t present, I was just waiting for something I was working to fail in order to find the next thing.

Finding Your Voice as a Writer


I became a crazymaker, a crazymaker is people who can take over your life, just like vampires they suck the energy of you and drained you. Full with problems but short on solutions. Jealous of others when they succeed, but couldn’t even make my success happened.

Not knowing that finding my voice was just what I needed. I didn’t know how to find my voice, I noticed that I really had a hard time finishing courses that I started for the same reason that I always found myself criticizing my work or talking myself out of things and not moving forward.

I got very tired of it. Tired of living paycheck to paycheck, tired of watching my family going through it, tired of not living to my full potential and of the toxic thinking. Reading this book was a big step for me to overcome my limiting beliefs on creativity.

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Would you like to initiate your creative recovery?

I decided to go to a self-help workshop and bought online one of their recommended books. It was The artist’s way, a book that introduced the idea of the morning pages, that consists in setting up your alarm clock half-hour earlier and start writing, three pages of longhand stream of consciousness.

The book gives you tasks on what to write in your morning pages too. Creativity is play, and it’s part of finding your voice as a Writer. The more I got involved in writing, reading or water coloring the more present and relaxed I felt. 

 I became aware of myself and found out that most of my limiting beliefs come from how much I care about what others think of me. It can be scary, my body would start panicking when I thought of what other people think, but I discover that the trick is to keep breathing, accept and let go of those thoughts.

I used to be so blocked in my creativity that I didn’t have the guts to take my online business seriously until I was 27, yeah it was bad. Reading this book and applying its principles made me find not just one of my passion but multiple talents as well.

In order to recover as an artist, I had to be willing to be a bad artist. Give yourself permission to be a beginner. Take care of the quantity and God will take care of the quality

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Protecting Your Artist Within.

Judging your artistic efforts is artist abuse

Your inner artist is a child. Learning to let yourself create is like learning to walk, you’ll need to go in baby steps. When writing, monitor your thoughts, write down all the “blurts” or the negative comments that come to mind. Don’t let these stop you. 

Get up one hour and a half early, write three pages of longhand stream of consciousness. Do not let anyone see this pages hide them in your google drive or in a large envelope.

  1. Take yourself on an artist date: A simple way that the book suggests is to take $5 every week and go to your local dollar store. Buy silly things like gold stick’em stars, glue, scissors, crayons, play-do, etc. 
  2. Time Travel: List three old enemies of your creative self-worth, be as specific as possible, these monsters are the core of your limiting beliefs and are blocking you. This would be your monster hall of fame, more monsters will be popped up as you do this. It is necessary to acknowledge “creative injuries” so they don’t become creative scars and block our growth.
  3. Select and write one horror story from your monster hall of fame, write down whatever details come back to you. 
    • The room you were in
    • The way people looked at you
    • The way you felt
    • What your parents say or didn’t say

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Feel free to sketch your monster and cartoon trash it.

5. Write down a letter to a specific monster from your monster hall of fame in the voice of your wounded artist child.

  1. List three old champion of your creative self worth, those who wish you and your creativity well. Write down every encouraging word, even if you disbelief the compliment, write it down.
  2. Write down one happy piece of encouragement. Write down a thank you note and send it to yourself
  3. If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them? Some suggestions include
  • Pilot
  • Cowhand
  • Physicist
  • Psychic
  • Monk
  • Scuba diver
  • Cop
  • A writer of children’s book
  • Belly dancer
  • Football player
  • painter

Do not Overthink these, write down how would each life be like?


  1. Turn each negative blurt or thought into an affirmative positive: if when writing, you caught yourself saying negative things. Write them down and convert it into a positive affirmation.


  1. Take yourself on a walk.- Walking can dramatically alter your consciousness.

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Focus on your Art

Doing these things consistently, and. As you start checking in with your artist every week, taking yourself on an artist date, doing your morning pages and affirmations more often you will find it easier to write and find your own voice in writing.

Let yourself be creative, the way you write is a form of art. Design it!

submerged yourself in creativity do things that you love, write stories, poems, a movie about yourself, make sure you’re only talking to one person, let that person be yourself. When I read the artist’s way I didn’t even bother to do these tasks, but I made it a goal to read it again just to do them and I can say it really helped me finding my voice and being more creative.

Giving yourself permission to do these things will help you unravel your creative self and finding your voice as a writer, you’ll be full of ideas on how to write and what to write from now on. Have you read the artists way? What are your thoughts on nurturing your inner artist? Let me know in the section below!

6 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice as a Writer in 10 Steps”

  1. Hmm! I love this piece because it directly affects me. Though I see the world differently as a writer yet, I can still not truly dive into the things I see for fear of failure. I always see myself as not qualified enough to stand in place with others. Hence, this always take me down the drain and bury me within my works. Thankfully you have shared some great tips needed to fight my demons. Thanks

    1. Hi Benny! I agree, fear of failure can really sabotage us. I’m glad you found value in this article. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .Finding my voice as a writer was not a difficult task as I was able to create content for my blog .However, when I first started working online, it worried me greatly .Later I found the voice and found value in myself and added value to myself .That’s why I became a Crazymaker as well as starting a creative recovery .I was very conscious of making my art and I myself felt how successful I was .I rekindled my creativity and made a list of the areas where I was successful that inspired me even more. 

    Finding your own voice as a writer is ten very important and I hope you all enjoy the article and share your new experiences with you soon.

    1. Yes! one of the things I’ve learned since the beginning of my online marketing journey is that in order to give value, we have to add value to ourselves. Thanks for stopping by Shanta 🙂

  3. Hello Shae, thank you for sharing this article. When I got started in the online business world, I was told that the easiest way to get started and get rolling is to imitate my favourite writer and with time I will be able to discover my own voice as a writer. This suggestion truly worked for me just as it works for a musician. Another thing that helped me was I was reading articles related to my niche and I was able to see how the big guys did it. It wasn’t a very difficult task for me to find my voice.

    1. I’m glad it was easy for you to find your voice, imitating our Idols can really help us get to where they’re at and that’s a great tip! Thanks for sharing that MRBiizy 🙂

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