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Learning to generate leads online in 2020 is what most entrepreneurs are looking for most of the time. Lead generation remains a real challenge for entrepreneurs and business owners.  Sticking to a technique will  help you generate leads this year.

I can tell you it all comes down to consistency but what is consistency if you don’t have a system in place? Or you might have no idea on what your ideal customer looks like.. When I first started, I was promoting products from ClickBank and I was so focused on getting online traffic that I literally build my entire email list from solo ads. Although these people were interested in making money online, I had no idea who they were or how to help them.


Generate Leads Online in 2020


Earn Credibility

You know what my problem was when I first joined a Network Marketing company and tried to get online leads? That I hadn’t positioned myself as a leader yet. People are attracted by leaders. I couldn’t expect to post an affiliate link on a post and instantly get people to like it when I hadn’t even built a relationship with them. So how do you build a relationship? By putting out valuable content consistently. If you’re anything like me, You’ve heard things like “You don’t need a website you need a funnel” or  “generate leads on Facebook without a website”. If you really want to build a foundation in your business, and I mean being able to start multiple profitable businesses. It’s important to build credibility, yes funnels are great strategies but with a professional-looking website, you can put content that can help your audience engage with you. Give your Audience a great User experience. You can do this by:

Generate Leads Online in 2020

  • Adding Videos
  • create valuable content
  • giving away a freebie
  • Website Optimization

Have an Avatar:

In order to build great content, you need to know the person you’re trying to help. When writing, You’re only writing to one person and that person is Yourself. I struggled with this for a long time, I didn’t know what to write about.

Having an ideal customer in mind can help you overcome writer’s block so I decided to pick me as my Ideal customer avatar: someone who was a beginner, in her early 20’s but most importantly so sick of the 9 to 5 grind, someone who repeatedly fell off track, someone who changes her mind often and had lots of questions.

I wrote down all of my questions and Research keywords around the subject. Write down all of the problems you’re avatar is facing right now. If you have nothing yet or don’t know who your target market could be, Pick yourself as your ideal customer avatar. Helping yourself first will help you to help others.


Which one Would it be?

Whether you decide to go the paid route ( like Facebook or solo ads) or to generate leads for free, consistency is a must. The paid route will obviously require some financial investment but it’s great if you’re trying to outsource. on the other hand, Free traffic is my go-to.

It takes some time, and if you’re anything like me, you will get anxious and look for other ways to get online traffic, but speaking from experience that’s just going to get your attention away from creating valuable content.

If you are consistently publishing valuable content to your website, sooner or later google will take you seriously and will be getting online traffic for Free. If you haven’t produced content yet, this should be you’re number one priority.

Later you can repurpose the content you create and would be grateful you did. You want to build an engaged audience so you can convert them into leads eventually.


Generate Leads Online in 2020


Social Media Channels:

When starting out pick one or two social media platforms to promote your business, If you’re trying to leverage the paid route, use services like Facebook ads, PPC, solo ads. If you’re using Instagram or Pinterest to generate Free traffic remember that images are everything in those channels.

The more aesthetic you’re image is, the more engagement it will get. This will take time and you will have to be consistently putting content out there. Now that you know that the way to build credibility is through content, the more content you produce the more of an advantage you will have.

You could create Images and Pins on for free and add them to your social channels. Don’t try to be a Master at everything, for now, focus on a couple of social media platforms later on you can be omnipresent and outsource your work. 

Generate Leads Online in 2020

Email Marketing:

When you start getting some online traffic to your website, you don’t want people to come read your content and leave.

The most efficient way to offer your audience a great user experience is by giving away a something for free, this could be a course, ebook, newsletter, etc in exchange for their email, this way would be easier for you to keep in contact with them and let them know whenever you’re posting new content on your website.

You want to build an email list to start developing a relationship with your viewers and find out what problems they have and what solutions they’re looking for. The more engaged you are with them and the more you care the more engagement you’ll receive.

Like I said before, it’s very important to create a system for this and sticking with it. It will be hard at first but once you start creating momentum and actually doing the work it will get easier with time. The process and follow up work will take time, don’t get too overwhelmed with other stuff.

Yes! great things take time, and this is no different but once you focus on a single thing, like putting out consistent and valuable content on your website and social media channels than everything will fall into place, it will be easier for you to create pins and post regularly.

I have nothing against paid traffic, but I opted in to learn SEO and generate free online traffic for my website. You don’t have to start out investing tons of money into your online business. It’s easier to learn a skill that will pay you for a lifetime, but that’s a personal choice. What source of online traffic would you much rather use? Do you prefer Free or paid online leads? Leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts are on this article.




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