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How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency?

In today’s Digital era, everything is fast-paced, you’d be surprised at the power of Social Media when it comes to marketing. Til this day, business owners are still paying thousands for billboards, print advertisement, radio advertisement and Tv.

That’s like paying for permission to be relevant.

Most people think that you still need business cards when in reality people don’t even like to take business cards.

Instead, people use their LinkedIn or Facebook Profile as a business card. Here’s the truth, people aren’t checking the newspaper anymore or they’re not looking for billboards to see what’s new or relevant.


 How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency



Listen to Your Clients

Listen to the client’s needs, wants and desires, listen to their complaints and anticipate Their needs. You will be holding their hand through the process, This will earn their trust

Also, be transparent,  and follow up through Email. Buy everything for them and then build it. Handle hosting and Installation, Operational process and Domain name.

Instead of focusing on likes and followers, focus on generating them ROI, you’re job is to make the client happy, at the end of the day they want more sales and customers. 


Becoming a Specialist

Whether a is Facebook ads or Instagram ads, building websites specialized in something that you’re good at. If you’re good at Facebook ads focus on Facebook ads and deliver results.

Choose a niche- Choose an area that you have experience in or that you really like. For example, if you focus on the beauty niche, you could go after hairstylist and help them get clients. Some of the services you can offer could be:

  • Seo
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Google AdWords
  • Press releases
  • Email marketing
  • Social Media
  • Re-marketing

what I’m referring to is probably pretty surprising to outsiders because when people tend to think about “social media” the first thing that pops into their heads is funny memes and selfies…


Decide Payment Options & Pricing

When deciding pricing and payment option you need to figure out if you’re going to be charging.

All social media agencies price themselves differently and not all social media agencies will offer the same services.

most don’t really offer a whole lot of support on the organic side. Decide on what exactly you ‘re going to offer.

I would recommend to ALWAYS asked for at least 50 % as a retainer.

Basic Formula is:

8 hr per month 2 hrs a week per client,


$500 8 hrs a month X $50 per hr

At the beginning when you’re specializing in say Facebook ads, you could offer Facebook ads and daily posting and customer service. Once you gain more skills and build a team you could offer more services like email marketing, backlinking, SEO, and so on. Here ‘s an example:


How to start a social media agency





Listen to your Clients

Listen to your client’s needs, wants and desires, listen to their complaints and anticipate their needs, you will be holding their hand through the process. This will earn their trust

Be Transparent and Follow up through Email 

 How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency




Analyzing your client’s social media presence and Identify the areas that need to be focused on, then suggest ways to fix issues in the current strategy or come up with a different strategy specific for their business.

pay attention to the data to understand customer behavior. This is the first thing done at the beginning and every time they report to their clients to develop a new strategy based on buyer behavior.

Agencies also offer an in-depth analysis of their competition, this information is highly useful for brands to know how their competitors are performing. Businesses can learn from their competitor’s failure and success with campaigns

Social media agencies offer creation and building of innovative ways for a business to crack into social media channels.

the main channel to advertise on from a social standpoint is Facebook, but depending on the industry, any of the other large-scale social networks offer advertising and may be used if the audience is right.

Most of the advertising offered are paid advertising, to scale a campaign at a quicker rate.

 How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency



Getting Clients

Spread the Word! ask family or friends, or whoever might have a business, if you’re just starting let them know you’re specializing or learning and offer them your services as long as they cover the cost of say, Facebook ads or any type of paid advertising.

You could even start your a business and practice.

Your first-degree connections on social media, contacts from previous employment and friends and family. Seriously, you can’t under-estimate the power of your closest connections.

These are the people who already know, like, and trust you, and will either engage you or happily recommend you to their network.

Potential clients are going to take the time to check you out before they even contact you. And one of the places they’ll check first is your website.

 Although your website should load quickly and be easy to navigate, clients aren’t checking your design skills. Instead, they’re more interested in reading your content and checking what previous clients have said.

Prospective clients want to know who they’re dealing with, and more importantly, what you can do for them.

How to Start a Social Media Marketing Agency

Your “About” page on your website is where you can expand on and include testimonials from clients to support your claims. If there’s one thing you absolutely have to nail, it’s acing your own social media marketing as an agency.

This is the place where you can demonstrate what you could do for clients in real-time. And let’s face it, prospective clients are going to check your social media accounts as well as your website.

It isn’t easy to start a Social media marketing agency, but it’s not that a hard task either. If you’d really wanted to you could, I started managing my employer’s social media account and that really gave me the confidence to go out there and getting more clients, This video taught me exactly how to build a local marketing business.

My question is are you going to start as a specialist or are you skilled enough to start a Social Media Marketing Agency? if so, what are you good at? Let me know in the section below!


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