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I remember feeling frustrated asking myself How can I learn affiliate marketing when I felt like I was just wasting time?

With so many affiliate programs out there trying to close you, you probably don’t know which one should you spend your money on or where to start.How-can-I-do-Affiliate-Marketing

Is good to do your research before, There’re tons of online courses out there that can teach you how to make money online, the real question here is, which one is really for you?

For example, Clickfunnels is a great company with lots of great training but is something I wouldn’t recommend If you’re a beginner.

The thing is, When you’re a complete beginner your sole focus should be on building content. Not to pay for services you don’t need yet.

What is the WA Affiliate Platform?


The WA Affiliate it’s a platform for anyone who wants to take affiliate marketing serious and make money online.

It’s a walkthrough step by step course that will take you by the hand and will help you get started in Affiliate Marketing.

Not only for beginners but all levels of Affiliate Marketing

.What’s great about the WA is that it walks you step y step to make money online with free traffic or paid traffic.

how can i learn affiliate marketing

Why You might Want to give it a try

When I started Affiliate Marketing, I had to invest a ton of money in programs that I never saw an ROI.

If twenty-three year old me was to ask what program to focus on.

I would say the WA Boot camp, it teaches you ways to promote with free online traffic or PPC Ads.

This program will get you from building your own website in less than 30 minutes to building consistent recurring income. Read the Success Stories here


how can i learn affiliate marketing

But, You might be wondering how?


Well, Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp start you with understanding what is affiliate marketing?

Once you understand the concept on how you’re going to make money online, you get to choose you direction.

What kind of products/services would you like to sell? and Don’t worry! all of these modules come with to do tasks to mark off.

Next is building you website, the thing that I love about the WA platform is that they have Siterubix as web hosting.

If you’re looking for a web hosting company that will have excellent customer support and will help you whenever you run into an issue with your website

After creating a website, you’ll get your website ready for SEO and start your initial framework of your content.

You’ll need an Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy, About me Page, and Keyword Rich Content posts/pages which you can find templates after creating and setting up an account.

Last but not least, you’ll learn the power of PPC and how to scale successful campaigns to maximize profits!


how can i learn affiliate marketing

Ready to Start?

No matter what spectrum of expertise you are in Affiliate marketing, this is the right spot

Even though the WA Bootcamp is very easy to follow, I recommend getting a mentor.

When I first created an account was because I was reading a review online and wanted to do things differently.

But once I joined, it took me a few months to picture it all together and understand how to take my affiliate marketing business to the next level.

I wished I had someone to walk me by the hand to cut my learning curve in half but thanks to that I’m able to help others making money with affiliate marketing.

.how can i learn affiliate marketing

No CONS just PROS?

Nop! this is an unbias review and although WA has been the best affiliate platform I’ve tried, there’s some things that I dislike, nothing’s perfect!

Some of the content wasn’t updated for a long time, until recently. The good thing about this is that there’s always an option to request an update.

I’ve mentioned most benefits about the WA Affiliate Bootcamp

the only downside I could say is, you will have to invest money because things that are worth it are NOT for free

With WA, you can get Online entrepreneur Certification in seven days after that you’ll have the chance to go premium within those seven days for $20 After the first month it’s $49.99.

Did I mentioned that you get unlimited keyword researches with Jaaxy? meaning you’ll have better chances to rank.

Jaaxy is a tool that finds keywords that will help you ranked on search engines like google and Bing.

Attracting free organic traffic to your website!

how can i learn affiliate marketing

Are you up for the Challenge?

You don’t need a website to promote Wealthy affiliate

but if you want to create a stable and sustainable online marketing business wealthy affiliate is the platform to be in right now!

Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step training on how to build a free website and will teach you SEO techniques and other online traffic techniques for you to have a profitable online business.

It’s a lot of work but if you’re consistent it will eventually pay off.

In my opinion, people want the easy way to make money but unfortunately, I haven’t found an affiliate program that has a compatible training as the wealthy affiliate Bootcamp.

You can create a free account and receive your Online entrepreneur certification and learn all the basics of creating a profitable niche website in under 30 seconds.

After a 7 day trial period. You can upgrade for $20 your first month, and then $50 a month. Or you could upgrade at any time for $50 a month.

how can i learn affiliate marketing

I’ve never seeing more progress in my digital marketing career.

If I was to start all over again I would definitely start with Wealthy Affiliate.

Nothing compares to the extensive training and their site support.

If you don’t have a niche yet or don’t know how to make money online,

you could become a wealthy affiliate affiliate, they even have an affiliate Bootcamp training so you could start right away.

Also, I’m curious What was the first affiliate offer you joined and was it worth it? Did you make money?


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