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The 12 minute affiliate Review


With so many affiliate programs out there trying to close you, you probably don’t know which one should you spend your money on or where to start.How-can-I-do-Affiliate-Marketing

Is good to do your research before, There’re tons of online courses out there that can teach you how to make money online, the real question here is, which one is really for you?

For example, Clickfunnels is a great company with lots of great training but is something I wouldn’t recommend If you’re a beginner. The thing is, When you’re a complete beginner your sole focus should be on building your email list. Not to pay for services you don’t need yet.

What is the 12 minute affiliate system.



The 12 minute affiliate system is about making money online for newbies. It consists of a checklist that walks you through every step of the way. You get to pick one of three niches: Online Business, health or personal development, after that you select your template and customize it according to your affiliate offer.

What’s great about the 12 minute affiliate system is that it helps you build your email list, You don’t have to write your own email sequence, They provide you with a prewritten email sequence that you can upload to Aweber to start generating income online!

That alone can save you time and money! and IF for any reason you get stuck their staff is very helpful, whether you create a ticket or contact them through the phone they will usually get back to you either the next business day or that same day with their best answer.


No Email List? No problem


Writing an email sequence it’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you’re trying to promote affiliate offers, Most people just pay copywriter’s thousands of dollars to get it done for them. 12 minute affiliate system can save you time and most of all money on a copywriter.

You don’t even need your own website! You can generate leads by choosing paid traffic or free/time traffic. I personally like paid traffic, the only difference is that Free traffic can be more time get-email-subscribers-fastconsuming but worth it as well.

Not only teaches how to promote 12 minute affiliate but also to promote other offers affiliate offers by choosing one of their prebuilt landing pages the only thing you have to do is customize it according to your affiliate offer. Within 2 weeks after joining I had my first 120 subscribers

Ready to Start?


To join 12 minute affiliate, create an account with, This is where you see your stats and where you can also promote other Affiliate offers. To join 12 minute affiliate system click here

Once you join you will have to set up your account and follow your step by step checklist Now, If you think following instructions it’s hard, they also have a done for you option, where the 12 minute affiliate staff sets up your account and your email autoresponder. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this If you’re serious about your online business.

It comes with a free Ebook Course that teaches free traffic methods such as Press Releases, Video Marketing,  Web 2.0 Pages, Social Media, Pinterest and More! So far 12 minute affiliate system is the easiest system to start your affiliate marketing career. You will find that even the members of their facebook group are very helpful. The creator of 12 minute affiliate, Devon Brown will usually always reply to your question or post.

No CONS just PROS?


I’ve mentioned most benefits about this system the only downside I could say is, you will have to invest money because things that are worth it are NOT for free,
but coming from someone who’s been doing online marketing for 5 years and been spending money on courses I didn’t understand or need at the time.make-money-from-home

the price of 12 minute affiliate is worth every single penny and is something that I would recommend to anyone who wants to start their online business
The training centre is so simple and to the point, they teach you how to broadcast emails to nurture your email list.


WA Vs 12 min Affiliate

I would say that 12 min affiliate is for people who want to make a quick buck but not to build a business foundation. You don’t need a website to promote wealthy affiliate but if you want to create a stable and sustainable online marketing business wealthy affiliate is the platform to be in right now!

Wealthy Affiliate has a step by step training on how to build a free website and will teach you SEO techniques and other online traffic techniques for you to have a profitable online business. It’s a lot of work but if you’re consistent it will eventually pay off.

In my opinion, people want the easy way to make money but unfortunately, the 12 min affiliate program doesn’t have the same training as the wealthy affiliate platform. You get 12 min affiliate on clickbank marketplace and it’s actually $9.99 for the two-week trial. After the trial, you pay $50 a month.

Whereas, with Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a free account and receive your Online entrepreneur certification and learn all the basics of creating a profitable niche website in under 30 seconds. Not only that but after a 7 day trial period. You can upgrade for $20 your first month, and then $50 a month. Or you could upgrade at any time for $50 a month.

After seeing the value in wealthy affiliate, I decided to cancel my 12 min affiliate membership and register for the online entrepreneur certification. I’ve never seeing more progress in my digital marketing career. If I was starting all over again I would definitely start with Wealthy Affiliate. Nothing compares to the extensive training and their sitesupport. If you don’t have a niche yet or don’t know how to make money online, you could become a wealthy affiliate affiliate, they even have an affiliate Bootcamp training so you could start right away.  Also, I’m curious What was the first affiliate offer you joined and was it worth it? Did you make money?


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