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“How to achieve my goals?” is the question I often asked myself for years. Once upon a time, I decided to become an entrepreneur and failed at it not only once but several times not for a short period of times but for YEARS, I kept sabotaging myself, getting into toxic relationships, letting my mom get in my head, and living in fear.

Fear of not having a job, fear of not paying bills, fear of being in my late 20’s without a career. I let this pattern fooled me for quite a while. I always wondered how successful people do it.

I simply thought that I was cursed when in reality all I needed was discipline. I came across a video by Patrick Bet-David, First off this guy is a great speaker and Writer. The principles he teaches are thought-provoking perspectives on entrepreneurship and disrupting the traditional approach to a career.

Be Ahead of the Crowd

To be better in business is to plan your moves ahead, for example, Plan your content ahead, what kind of innovative campaign would you launch this year? What are your goals for the year?

In the game of chess the average chess player knows their next one to three moves (amateurs), a pro knows 4-5, Master chess player 6 to 10 moves and a Grand Master knows their next 11 to 15 moves. It’s the same thing with the game of life. Most people live life and they have no clue what their next 10 moves are going to be. I know I used to just go with the flow if there was a doughnut sitting on the table and no one claimed it, well I thought that I had to eat it. No rules, no direction, no systems What the hell Let’s enjoy life YOLO!

enjoying life doesn’t necessarily mean to just go with the flow without having an end goal in mind. Life is like a fun challenge, you have to follow your passion, your calling you’re purpose in life! but how do you do that? Simple.. plan your moves ahead


how to achieve my goals


Lots of people want to go from move #1 to move # 5. You got to be aware of timing and accept that it exists. Write down what direction do you want to go? What is REALLY your passion? forget about the rest of the world what makes you tick?

  • Who do you want to be?
  • How do you want to make your money?



It’s all about your position in the market place.

When Instagram became a thing, I started saying “ I like this girl on Instagram, MAYBE I want to be a fitness model like her” or “it’ll be cool if I can take selfies like her” but I didn’t know exactly who I wanted to be, So how do you make your money? 


In today’s digital era, It’s never being easier in the history of mankind to make a million dollars

Making a Million Dollar Is So Easy Today-Your Strategy Is What Needs Work

Most people struggle with their perspective and language. Example:

Lens (perspective): If you have a business, to look at everybody as a customer is a wrong and small lens, instead focus on their needs. All you have to do is take the lens off that you have and put a different lens on. That way, you’re not just figuring out a way of what you can get.

How to achieve my goals?


Language: Be specific. It’s not men, women or the world. Is your language and your lens. Change your lens and change your language business is all about the lens. Become aware of the things you’re telling yourself, even when you’re “just joking”. This one is very important it wasn’t until I started monitoring my thoughts and notice some pretty self-destructive thinking patterns.

The Money Game: Would you like to play?

When you make it a game it’s not about the money. Once you start challenging yourself in your business, you’re going to be able to come up with proven formulas. Most people stop at this point, very few people continue. Everybody is going to want to stop you at some level. Guess who has to have an answer when you stop? Guess who’s going to be unhappy or happy when you stop?

Look, If you follow your Passion. Whether that might be flipping hot dogs or watching anime there’s a market for all of that. The internet is the big equalizer, no matter what country you’re in, it’s out there and you can get a piece of it.

How to achieve your goals?

Come up With a Decision System-Put the odds in your favor


Everything in life is about Odds, who you marry, the career path you want to take, etc. Life is all about making decisions. Decisions are all about having odds.

Life is about making decisions, you need a system that helps you make the best possible decision with the best possible odds in your favor. Once you have that system, everything will flow.

Systems might be boring but it’s what gets you to your goals






The most annoying phase to be in is the first one: These are the days when you’re working 8-12 hrs a day and it seems like nothing is going your way. This is the phase when your skin gets thicker. For me, This was the time when I was working on my website and creating content for months, I thought I was never going to see the light of the tunnel but Instead, I focus on the process and the limitless resources I have.

Then all of a sudden you have some momentum.

If you get cocky you’ll lose this, then you go back to phase one. Do you know why most people don’t want to start a business? Because at one point they did it and they knew how much time it took to create momentum and then they got momentum and lost it and now they don’t want to go back to phase 1. They know what it takes to create momentum but they just don’t want to do it. You’ll find a way to sabotage or manipulate yourself if you don’t want to pay your dues. That’s a way for letting your language preventing you from getting to the next level.

Advancing is the phase when you make money you know you’re not worth. You were willing to go through the pain of creating and maintaining momentum now you’re getting rewarded at advancing momentum. 

How to achieve my goals?


  1. Functioning Speed: Support systems you provide to your team.
      • Assistant support- If you constantly fire assistants then it affects your functioning speed
      • More Support= more functioning speed
      • Your functioning speed is the core of your business.
    1. Processing Speed:
      • How quickly you get your products from A – Z in its life cycle?
      • Learning Curve
    2. Expansion Speed:
      • How quickly are you building new outlets, franchises, independent stores?
      • Is there a short term plan for expansion?
      • Leadership development speed
      • Calculate how you do it
    3. Timing Speed
      • Knowing when to run the right incentives and initiatives.
      • When to read the right books
      • When to challenge the team executives and when to show them, love.
      • When to introduce new strategies or events-takes time to get
         WITHOUT SYSTEMS YOU HAVE LIMITED CHANCES TO SUSTAIN GROWTH. Systems help you sustain growth. Anybody that has built big businesses, they spend hours talking about systems to each other not motivational stuff but systems that work, these are people that have built a billion-dollar business. A system can be a routine or habits that you create


        4 AREAS OF FOCUS


Operations: What kind of operations do you use?

Relationships: Introduce people to people.

Both are necessary but neither helps you explore as a company.

Next innovative Campaign

The next thing your launching in your office to motivate your salespeople to motivate your leaders, to your employees, to your executives and motivate everybody.

Motivate your customers?

Based on your season, What do you do in the month of January to bring customers in? ?

I love distractions but positive distractions

Your employees and your people they all need positive distractions.

How to achieve my goals?


If you become good at developing leaders you’re an asset to every industry. They know how to recruit people and build them. The moment you get good at this you’re business grows out of control.

Now you have people that think speak and negotiate like you. Especially if you teach the right values and principles to your leaders, it’s a very dangerous company to compete with. 

People are frightened to go against a company that the people at the top know how to build leaders.


Some of us have the right story but we don’t know how to tell it. Figure out a better way to tell your real story.

Make sure you build the right team around you.

Figure out your next move, learn how to create a business system, focus on the process. What is your next move going to be? Do you have a plan? Leave a comment below and let me know if having a system can help you achieve your goals?


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