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Most people want money, once they have money they want power, once they got power they seek to control. Some of the Richest people are looking for power and controlling a specific market or countries, etc. What they don’t realize is that all those things are created within.

In order to learn how to manipulate your mind, you need to first seek control within yourself. first of all, you can manipulate your brain for good or bad. Sadly, We’re constantly doing it for bad without even realizing it.

I see manipulation as a form of control, for most people it’s a negative type of control but yet they see it as very powerful, Something scam artists are good at.


How to Manipulate Your Mind


If you can’t control yourself then you’re really can’t control your surroundings.

I could say that it’s all a mindset, but that’s just a very vague thing to say. Gurus will tell you “you have to have the right mindset”. The question is what kind of mindset? In a world where most of us are looking to create financial freedom and everyone is looking to make money online. You could spend money and time on tools that can help you achieve your goal but that’s still doesn’t guarantee you success.

When I first heard about this mindset thing, I was still confused. They all tell you it’s a mindset and to just grind it out and focus and do positive shit. But how exactly do you achieve this thing? Well, we all have time we’re all responsible for our time, but what happens when you’re not even able to control your time?

“Focus on your thoughts,” they tell you, but everyone knows that it’s really hard to focus on our thoughts when we’re alone or not paying attention we’re thinking about the past and most of the time the past is compiled by learning experiences, some of them not so pleasant but be aware that this is your Subconscious mind working.

How to Manipulate Your Mind

Focus is a Mindset

The key here is to have Focus, and I don’t mean the generic sense of the word. Having focus is a mindset, is the ability to control your attention. To use your attention in a more systematic way, we got to work with what we have: our time and our five basic senses.

As humans, I think that we’re designed to fail along our path to success and to have fun as we go along the process. For years, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to have a working system that fits my life and my essence.

I don’t have a specific system in particular that I follow, it all depends on what area of my life I want to work on, but I went ahead and created a working system for everyone to follow. You could start small, If you want to start with one of the five basic senses, you can do so. The key here is to be consistent and always looking forward to place a sticker right next to your task or checked it off.

This is all a mindset, Use what you have to be grateful for what you have, as long as you have the right mindset by staying focus you’ll feel good here’s a simple math equation that I always go by:

thoughts+feeling= actions


How to Manipulate Your Mind


Actions equal repetition and repetition will get you to your goals 


The particular system that I follow and you can too:

I pick one habit relating to each sense this could be:

Sight: Watch everything that will get you closer to your goal. Have a vision board, subscribe to magazines, books. Use your eyes to direct your attention to what will get you to achieve. Limit your time on social media. If you’re going to use social media follow people that will inspire you to get you where you want to be. 

Hearing: Instead of listening to generic music, listen to music that will inspire you you’d be surprised how energetic and positive you’d feel. If that’s Christian music so be it! Focus on music that will inspire you to feel good to develop and maintain good habits. If you’re driving instead of listening to the radio choose a podcast in your car. I’m not saying don’t listen to your favorite music and just suggesting to limit it. 

Smell:  Add things that bring joy to yourself and your surroundings this can be essential oils, learning to meditate, focusing on your breath and relaxing, don’t let anxiety take over you. take a walk in nature, smell the fresh air, smelling flowers or cinnamon, smell things that bring you joy!

Taste: Eat things that are healthy for you, if it’s really hard for you to eat healthy start with something simple a fruit a day every day. We bought mason jars from Amazon and I started making overnight oats with strawberries.

How to Manipulate Your Mind


We bought the strawberries, coconut milk, honey & Oats at Costco. And I just add all 4 ingredients to the jars and left them in the fridge. Whenever my boyfriend came home from work. He just ate Overnight Oats while playing videogames and I would just eat them at work.

Again repetition happened! And my tastebuds got used to the yummy strawberries with oats. When I didn’t have them, I was craving them. The same thing happened to my boyfriend. He’s the type that has the McDonald’s app because he loves McDonald’s.

He could probably have it every day but after feeding him overnight oats lol well, he’d always ask for oats, but not yet making it himself. I’ll get him there! It’s all a matter of repetition

Touch: Being Hands-on, taking action this could be cleaning, writing, doing your hair or just keeping your hands busy and aware. 

Be aware! Some of us don’t see it but most of the time we’re in our own world, too busy making it about us. Feeding our thoughts and being led by our subconscious mind. Whenever you find yourself judging or having a bad feeling about something or toward someone.

You are a field of space, an instrument to do good and fulfil your purpose in this world. Thoughts lead to feeling and feelings are just visitors. Don’t let them sit on your mind to feed them your attention just let them pass, be aware of not only your breath but your touch too. The antidote to fear is taking action 


How to Manipulate Your Mind

Start Slow, Start

It was hard for me to stay on track, let alone influence my boyfriend. Start small, I started with the overnight oats. Something super simple. I made a Weekly system tracker in canva, I picked the color red to REALLY pay attention to it. I then listed 6 things that I wanted to accomplish using my 5 basic senses. It looked like this:

Sight: was going to watch tutorials and animes that inspired me

Taste: Strawberry overnight oats

Touch: write a blog post every other day/ clean the days I’m not writing.

Smell: I use essential oils.

Hearing: listening to affirmations every morning as soon as a wake-up.

How to Manipulate Your Mind

The Process

Every time I got each task done, placed a sticker right next to each task, this helped me focus on the process by looking forward to placing a sticker every day

I  first used a google spreadsheet, but I can’t put those somewhere where I could see it, so I printed out a weekly system tracker and place it somewhere visible.

This could be in front of my bed, the bathroom, or my office. Somewhere where it will be constantly reminding you. Place a star or a sticker right next to each task every time you get it done. At the end of your week reward yourself. Take yourself out, go have dinner, get pampered. Do this for a Month 

Being rewarded will help you link your brain to pleasure, letting you focus on the process. Again repetition will happen and eventually, you’ll be controlling your time and finances in no time.


6 thoughts on “How to Manipulate Your Mind: Using Your Basic 5 senses”

  1. Hi Shae.Thank you so much for sharing with us such a beautiful article. I get much information in this post. You are right, Some of the Richest people are looking for power and controlling a specific market or country, etc. What they don’t realize is that all those things are created within. So I think, we need to first seek control within ourselves.first of all, we can manipulate our brain for good or bad. That’s what happens to me, If I can’t control myself then I am not really can’t control my surroundings. After reading your article, I understand how we can manipulate our minds. Thanks for the information. I think this article will benefit everyone.

    1. I’m glad you found this article valuable and yes it’s really hard to so, at least for me but I noticed if I help my mind and my emotions I can accomplish anything 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Distractions are the key to training ourselves.  I like the little bit about senses and how we can control the things that may create a different mood for ourselves, which does in fact manipulate our minds.  We have more control over ourselves than people lead to believe.  Personally, music is the most influential distraction for me, it can be so powerful.

    1. Yess! I agree, I use music most of the time to get me in the right mindset or being productive. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. Hi Shae, thank you so much for sharing those tips! I found myself good with kinetic learning, so utilizing my sense of touch to take control of my mind seems a good choice 🙂 I will also try other things you’ve suggested above for other senses. I didn’t know about vision board until I see your post. Do you have an example of how to make an easy and effective good vision board? Thank you for your help 🙂

    1. Of course! for me, I just print off pictures that bring me joy (example: Dream car, dream outfit, dream home, etc) and I stick them everywhere: my room, office, car, etc the goal is to always have those images visible and in our head. I hope this helps 🙂

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