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Our world has changed in a heartbeat with this Pandemic.

During these times we need more passive income than ever.

Not being able to go out and live out normal lives became a game-changer.

Movie theatres, factory workers, and non-essential workers have stopped working.

The unemployment rate is going up.


Start a Blog on a Budget


Everyone is freaking out, stressing about their health and income

how are they going to make ends meet if they can’t go out?

On another note, there are poor countries like Ecuador that don’t have enough resources and people are just dying on the streets and being burned.

Our lives had just changed, we won’t be able to survive this.

Unless we change with this whole situation.

The education system has switched to a virtual model, for now.

Grocery delivery apps are on fire, gas prices are going down and more people are working from home.

The truth is that there’s never been a better time to start an online business.

Start a Blog on a Budget


Again let me rephrase… Online business

You might be wondering… How can I even start an online business during these times?

Who’s going to buy from me? Nobody’s working etc etc

It’s all good because, for one, you don’t have to invest in starting an online business right away.

People are at home the most, which means that online sales are going up.

In this article, I’m going to explain how to start a blog on a budget.

Start a Blog on a Budget



Choosing a name & Niche

First, let’s talk about your niche, a niche is a topic of focus and narrowed down that appeals to a section of the population.

This could be any topic of interest

Having your ideal customer in mind and figuring out why would the reader find your website.

Were they looking for a solution? And are you solving their problems?

The more specific your niche becomes, the better an example would be:

Vague: Weight loss
Niche: Keto Diet- Lose weight eating bacon

Start a Blog on a Budget

Choose a name for your website

if you’re just starting a blog most bloggers will tell you to buy a domain.

You’d be surprised to know that you could still rank on google on a free subdomain for now.

I don’t recommend buying a domain from the start especially when you’re not sure of what you’re going to be writing about on your blog.

Websites like Squarespace and Wix are not quite the package to build a profitable blog, most bloggers use them for landing pages, sales letter or sometimes web courses.

With Siterubix you can start a blog for free.

A quick rule of thumb that I go by to pick a domain is if you already decided your niche or the topic your blog will be about.

Choose a catchy name related to your niche an example would be:

Niche: Keto Diet- Lose weight eating bacon
Catchy domain:

Go for a competitive niche and a passion of yours


Start a Blog on a Budget


Creating a website (your blog ) for basically free

I know you might think that you’re not a techy person at all but that’s ok! I wasn’t either

in fact, I never launched my first blog because I couldn’t fix most of the technical issues that come with having a blog but guess what?

I don’t have too anymore after trying the Premium Wealthy Affiliate platform

Creating a website for free has never been easier.

I built mine it in less than 20 minutes, the motivation that came after having a professional-looking website made me really nurture it and work hard at it.

With Siterubix, enter a domain, select a layout.

Next, you activate your plugins then delete the default posts.

Easy as pie! Now you have your own professional website 🙌


Start a Blog on a Budget



Design & Logo

Learning to use tools like Canva or basic coding to create your logo and design your website it’s something to start learning from the beginning in my opinion.

After all, having a blog means you’d be sharing your art with other people (the web).

I recommend starting choosing three to six colors that you love and at least choosing one warm/lighter color.

Statistically are more likely to get more clicks.


Start a Blog on a Budget


Canva can help you create a logo and a great Free tool to have for basic editing.

Another Tool I used is the free version of Wealthy Affiliate.

WA walks you step by step on how to build your own traffic producing website,

you can use their free templates like your privacy policy, about me page and Affiliate disclosure

Start a Blog on a Budget

Time to Roll Up Your Sleeves and Start Typing!

The reason why I encourage people to start a blog for free is to get them to focus on the right skills as a blogger and not so much on the design or online traffic for now.

Trust me If I knew this when I first started my blog I would’ve ranked sooner on google.

Perfecting your craft and posting at least three blog posts a week that are valuable and engaging is the most important skill to focus as a blogger.

First, Decide What kind of blog post is it going to be? Are you be going to raise awareness?

Start a Blog on a Budget


Giving them a How to (solution) or pointing them in the right direction ( Review post)

Research a keyword then write a good title and include the keyword in your title as well as in your Intro paragraph.

When you add an image include the keyword in the alt description too.

Most of your passive income will come from affiliate links and sponsored posts.

Also, a great way to attract online traffic and more page views is guest posting, which is writing engaging posts for other bloggers to create backlinks.

Start a Blog on a Budget

Generate Traffic for your Website

The next step is to create a freebie in Canva, this can be a minicourse, email course, quiz, pdf, etc to start an email list.

An email list is to get email addresses from your subscribers to learn more about them to help you create better content.

Email marketing is a whole other topic, but even if you’re just getting started I’d suggest to at least give it time to learn the basics.

Let your readers know when you have a new blog post on your site or send promotional emails.

Focus on one to two ways to create online traffic.

Start a Blog on a Budget


There are different ways to generate online traffic when starting a blog post, You can choose the free or paid route.

If you choose the free route like SEO or guest posting for backlinks it will take a little more time but as long as you’re keeping consistent your efforts won’t go to waste.

If you go the paid route like Facebook ads, solo ads or PPC (bing ads or pay per click) you can also do that.

There’s a learning curve in both methods but it’s very possible to start gaining traction with SEO, Pinterest and backlinks.

Sure it’ll take more skill and time but you’ll have the skills and be earning income on the side.

Start a Blog on a Budget

Don’t get overwhelmed by everyone else’s fear.

Right now, you get to start an online side hustle for free and earn potential passive income!

To learn exactly step by step how to start a profitable blog, sign up to get the 5 Days to Building a Profitable Blog

Experts are saying that we will be going into a great depression soon.

Do you think right now it’s the best time to start a blog?

Do you think it’s important to have other streams of income? Let me know in the comment section below and Thanks for reading! 😁


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