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Tips for Writing your First Blog Post

Is it a struggle to write blogposts? Are you freshly new in the world of blogging?

Good news is that someone else already went through that and it’s willing to give you a few tips here and there

the most important thing to do now is learn how to write a blog post article and be time-efficient. Here’s a simple outline of four components:you-got-this


2-Pros & Cons

3- Where you can get/Procedure


Most people really feel intimidated by writing, thinking they should have an English major or be good with their words or have some time of special skill to start writing a blog post article.

I see Writing as a form of art and a way to express yourself but for me, is Therapy. Yes, you will make mistake here and there until you become perfect your craft

When you have more time than money is in your best interest learning how to write a blog post article.

You’re trying to be efficient with your time but at the same time provide value and (a) solution(s)

First of all, Start with you Why It may sound cliche but ask yourself if you really want to write and why do you want to write? Who do you want to help? and Why?

Speed Blogginghave-great-ideas

  1. Choose Your Target Audience- Maybe you’re a Mechanic and want to have a blog that targets females
  2. Why do you want to help your target audience- It’s no secret that some mechanics try to rip off females by charging them more than what the normal price of the service usually is, I know that when I pick a mechanic I ask someone who really knows about cars. Or maybe you want to help single parents make an extra income from home.
  3. What specific problem are you going to target in your blog post-To write a blog post for SEO I use Jaaxy a tool that shows you which keywords are profitable online. You get a started trial of 30 keyword searches for free but to upgrade to a monthly service is $49 a month, if you’re a beginner I would join wealthy affiliate for the same price, Website hosting, Jaaxy included and lots of great training.
  4. The Math here would be 10 minutes of research 10 minutes writing, of course, you won’t write a quality blog post in 20 minutes on your first try but as you practice it’ll be a piece of cake eventually.
  • Have your outline written somewhere visible, and start typing your “brain dump”.
  • Come up with 10 headlines a week relating to a topic you’d want to talk about, then research the web for content
  • start “brain dumping” on every headline, don’t worry about the format at this point.
  • Once you’re done with all 10 blog post save, and archive. You can have these ready to format and add to your website.

How to write a blog post about yourself?

Nobody else knows ourselves better than… Well Ourselves.

So why not practicing your writing skills by writing blog posts about yourself like anything,

if you want something to succeed then you’ll need to create a system, in this case, an outline.

If you’re writing a blog post about yourself then find a topic with an end goal in mindwhat-to-write-about

For example:

I love to eat

Goal: to get readers to understand that it’s not how much you eat but what you eat

You have to have Your goal and your outline visible at the beginning to blast through writer’s block.

Then start with an Introduction about yourself maybe in this example would be Why you love food so much? or What’s your favorite type or where did all start?

Next, write a list of pros and cons and Why there are more pros than cons or vice-versa.

This is where you’ll find most of your research.

If there’s a procedure, make sure to tell your audience what to do next or if you’re promoting a product tell them where to get it.

Lastly conclude with your opinion or a good call to actions ask them questions related to your topic, for example:

“Do you like to eat? What are your favorite foods to snack late at night? Let me know in the comments below!”

How to write a blog post outline for SEO?

If you don’t know what to write about its OK

keywords will literally give you the answer on what to write about you canuse google for this and write down some of the options that appear below the search bar.

Next, This is when I use Jaaxy.

Let’s say I googled: How to eat wealthy?, then I go to Jaaxy and typed one the same sentence,

then I select then relevant keywords depending on the average searches and the competition, which is the QSR.

I usually picked keywords that are over 30 average traffic searches and below 100 QSRgreat-seo-plugin

Research your topic related to your blog post, read it and start copying and pasting on a google doc sheet

After you have that start writing you brain dump on paper just write and don’t stop until you finished.

Once you have your rough draft, revise and edit.

For grammar, I use a free extension tool named then polish and craft your blog post with the most relevant information and add images to complement your blog post

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress?

how-to-write-a-blog-post-n-wordpressTo write a blog post in WordPress it’s easy you just open an account,

Once you buy a domain and get set up, go to the Navigation menu on your left,

choose the posts tab then click on add new. (as shown on the left)

If you want to write a post on WordPress, You could also try Siterubix, Which has the 3 in 1 SEO package. It’s a service offered by Wealthy affiliate,

You get one Website hosting, Jaaxy plugin, domains as little as $13.99 and lots of training on how to build your blog and monetize from it for $49 a month.

They also offer free affiliate marketing training.

If you decide to join your first month is $19.99.

You can learn how to blog and use WordPress with siterubix.

Last Tips to Remember- Have fun!


Remember to keep your paragraphs short and spacey.

Add five keyword-rich Headlines, and use them in your first couple of sentences but don’t overdo it.

Use Bulleted Lists to help your readers digest your content easily.

Don’t be intimated by writing blog posts.

I remember buying early this year a blogging course that I never finished because it was so confusing that I didn’t know what to do or how to write a blog post

I ended up not going through with it.

When I first tried Wealthy Affiliate within two weeks and I  had 4 blog posts already published, which was a big milestone for me!.

To get free training to start generating Income through blogging Try Wealthy affiliate here.

What’s the hardest part of writing a blog post for you?

Let me know in the comments below?

14 thoughts on “How to Write a Blog Post Article: Tips for Writing your First Blog Post”

  1. I really need these knowledge, because I often write blog recently, but as a novice I feel a little difficult, I believe you can help me very well in this article, anyway, thank you very much for sharing!😊

  2. I like the idea of your post. Many people find it too difficult to write a blog post, and many are scared about regular writing. You mentioned important hing, that people don’t have to have master or they don’t have to be major in English.
    I would add, that you should write any post as you were writing it to your friend. Because, in the end we are writing to other people and not to some robots, right?
    Another thing I liked, how you expressed the importance of research. Short, very content and helpful content you have put together. Thank you!

    1. Right Julius?! I didn’t understand this before, I was very self-conscious of my writing until I learned that the antidote of fear is taking action.

  3. This was so simple and easy to follow thanks for sharing your expertise.
    So cool that you can show your own progress and share your experiences with us so that we can feel like were more on the same level as someone who is successful!

  4. I enjoyed reading this post. I am someone who is really good at writing, but sometimes get stuck when I’m thinking of topics for my content. It was very helpful.

    Keep writing great content!

  5. Very good concise information. This post would have been very helpful when I wrote my first blog post. Since I am a newbie to blogging, I am going to use some of your tips to edit my first post. Thank you for sharing, it was a very interesting read through.

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