How to write copy that sells: The only guide you need to write anything

How to write copy that sells: The only guide you need to write anything

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how-to-write-copy-that-sellsDo you want to learn how to write copy that sells? are you paying a copywriter to get the job done?

Most people when they join a business or start their own have no Idea that copywriting is the most valuable entrepreneurial skill that will cut their work time in half and save money.

I personally didn’t think that I was going to have to focus on writing copy until I really struggled with my first sales letter

I thought that paying a copywriter on Fiverr or upwork will let me focus on other things but after trying a few not so expensive copywriters I figured I could’ve done the work myself.

The truth is, everyone has their best interest and they don’t have YOUR vision.

A good copywriter that can do a decent job charges thousands of dollars while the rest that are more affordable don’t do that good of a job.

I personally think that if you’re going to pay for something that you could’ve done yourself, well better do it yourself. So without further adieu, here are my go to’s when it comes to writing copy

Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets by Russell Brunsoncreate-a-mass-movement

If you’re not new in the world of copywriting you know that being able to sell through stories is key.

Although I am not a click funnels affiliate, Dotcom secrets gave me an idea on how to write my first 5 emails.

The book is good, I wish it had more info. Even when he talks about building funnels he also talks about scripts.

Looking at the reviews section on Amazon for both books. I saw some of the people calling the book a “sales letter”.

As an online marketer, if you’re going to get offended because someone is selling you the whole time on a book that has very good information then you have some limiting beliefs to work on.

Education is Selling

I understand we’re in the business of helping Not selling but how else would you present your product? What’s the end goal of giving value and helping people?

I’d agree that this book is selling you the whole time and sometimes he even repeats the same concepts but it’s a very helpful and handy book to have in your bookshelf.

Expert secrets will break down the process of story selling. The author gives you the exact elements for you to craft your brand story, in the first section you’ll learn to create a mass movement

The second section explains more in-depth on how to create belief and the last two sections you’ll find scripts and the different types of funnels to use in your business.

You have to remember selling is teaching. As a copywriter, both of these books helped me in my writing, especially in email marketing.

You could get Dotcom secrets and expert secrets on, you just pay for shipping and it gets to your home in about a week or two weeks if you’re outside the US.


7 figure Marketing copy guide by Sean Vosler


Do you find yourself in a swamp full of information that you cannot process? If you’re looking for a proven method to have in order to keep you writing any kind of content then The 7 figure copy guide is your answer!

Most people think that they need a college degree or years of experience and sadly this way of thinking will only lead to wasting lots of time or money.

You could pay a copywriter or have the blueprint right in front of your eyes leading the way on how to write from start to finish.

You don’t need to get a marketing degree to learn how to write copy. You can have someone who has studied marketing material for years and hand you the best copywriting methods that have proven to make bank.

Trust me, if you’re on a budget at the moment I’ll tell you right now that this should be the first investment for your business.

Whether you’re a newbie or have some experience, this is literally all you will need to use to write email marketing, sales letters and even blog posts. I became Sean Vosler’s fan since I bought the social media marketing agency by Tai Lopez.

Valuable Writing

Sean taught email marketing, he was so clear and with plenty of value that I decided to sign up for increase academy, his learning platform where he gives more copywriting tips and free training. Then bought the 7 figure marketing copy guide this past summer.

It has every method that the author uses in marketing. From how to leverage Amazon reviews to giving you the tried & true copy formulas.

This guide goes from mindset to every method used to write articles, blog post, sales letters, etc.

On the first section on this guide, the author explains the difference between persuasion vs manipulation and why is it important to persuade people to accomplish their dreams.

Sure, you could get other copywriting material that will give you a different perspective but If you don’t want to complicate your life and just want a framework to work with then, this is your guide.

Learn to Write Anything “Marketing”

The only downside is that it isn’t finished yet so you’ll get it at 80% off but you will have to wait for the rest of the content to be completed, which to be honest, it isn’t much I’d say 90 % of the content is done, accurate and with plenty of information.

It offers a complete section of step by step email marketing series. A complete guide that starts with the key steps before writing to revising affiliate emails.

If you’re looking to invest in good quality material and jumpstart your online business with some massive proven methods grab the 7 figure marketing copy guide.

Focus on this one guide and all of your copywriting problems will be solved. No need to get extra hours of training or buy extra books. As an entrepreneur, your time is really valuable.

with our gaming pc business, most of our time we use it to find computer parts and building gaming systems so just getting “the contrarian copy structure” method down I’m pretty much able to write anything.






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