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How to Write Email Copy?

As an online marketer, it seems like all I do is write. The more I write, the more I realize how powerful is to have an extensive vocabulary and learning how to express yourself can really help you in your business.

This can be hard to do but I’ve adopted a strategy to get me going. Because here at, we believe in fun routines to develop good and strong habits. I decided to focus on two things: writing & enhancing my vocabulary each day for 2 hours each.

It’s no different with email marketing, From writing a follow-up sequence to email promotions. I can’t stress enough how important this is in your business. Sure, you could hire someone in Fiverr or Upwork to write copy for you, but that’s only going to cost you time, in case you’re not satisfied with their work or they don’t have it ready and, of course, money.

There’s nobody and I’m speaking from experience, Nobody can write YOUR content better than YOU. You might suck at the beginning but eventually, sooner or later you’ll be a pro. Because there’s nobody else that has YOUR vision and what YOU have to offer in your writing. So let’s get down to business.

how to-story-sellStory Talk- Keeping it Simple

Everyone likes a good story, in the book dotcom secrets by Russell Brunson. He talks about the soap opera sequence a concept created by Andre Chaperon. The goal is to pull people into the next story in the next email, Tease about what’s coming up next so they are anxiously waiting for it. You want to build a bond between your audience and your brand (yourself).

Having the Characters getting into trouble, falling in love or breaking up or even the death of a character can help relate to the story. You’ll find yourself caring about them and being sucked into the drama.

Introduce yourself in the story and build up an open-ended dramatic story that draws people in. Add a Picture to your signature snippet, to give people a visual of who’s talking and to build trust.

It’s recommended to email your list once a day for better results. You could pick a specific day to send email newsletters or redirect them to your blog post. On your first email make it a Thank you note that people will get when they first sign up.

The only way to ensure that your emails won’t be overlooked is to personalize them fully. Personalized email copy works better than general copy, input your subscriber’s name into your email subject lines.

Raise Awareness with high drama


Use loads of personality! Let them be entertained. As you bond with your readers don’t try to hide who you are, you need flaws so people can relate, but don’t go making mistakes on purpose either, but if they happen don’t freak out.

Open your second email with high drama, Always start a good story with high drama, this is where your “story selling” process begins. Usually, the stories don’t get good until the middle. Bring them on a personal journey with you.

If you’re teaching them about finances take them back to a time when you weren’t successful, most people are only problem aware, focus on raising awareness, to be honest most people have other things in mind that when you pinpoint a problem that they have they’re most likely to keep reading to get to the solution.

benefitsFocus on benefits… That aren’t obvious

Point out the benefits the reader is getting by getting to knowing you, following your plan, or buying your products. Come up with stories that point out those hidden benefits, often hidden benefits grab the reader and move them to take action.

Explain your epiphany, something you hadn’t thought of before, The moment that turns everything around for you. Most of the time your epiphany will lead back to your offer. It ties to the solution you’re selling.

It’s something that you’re reader needs and that’s when you learn about your core offer. Prior to this email, you might tell them that you found the solution for xyz without doing zyx, but instead of telling them all the details, merely open that loop and give them the secret the next day.

Your readers are stuck, this is why they’re open to your answers except that don’t give them the answer just yet.

CTABuild Urgency

Give Readers one last push to take action. Make sure you add urgency and then use a call to action. You want to light a little fire under them. Think of legitimate reasons that would make them take action and it needs to be real.

Think of a reason you might “run out” of whatever you’re selling. There’s always a way to create real urgency. Keep it short, The emails should be easy to read and fast to scan. Use one or two sentences per line and lots of white space.

Write out the basic structure elements first, then fill in all of the juicy details and emotional hooks. Write a good subject line, include action words, address the reader directly, make it unique and add an emoji once in a while.

Be Relevant and Don’t SpamBeRelevant

Keep your subject line related to your copy, delivering what you promise is critical in the world of email. Also, Relevance is critical; be sure to tie the content of your email with current events.

Now that you have a basic understanding on how to write your first set of emails, make sure to apply these concepts and remember to don’t spam, people could easily unsubscribe and you won’t be doing yourself a favor either.

Keep an Avatar in your mind, Mentally you should be writing to one single person and that person is YOU. Help yourself first to be able to help other people. By learning how to write email content, you could seriously improve your brand engagement.

A good way to do it is by writing three emails giving value and the next email send out a promotion

Get feedback from subscribers At the end of the day subscribers are people too and they care about the content you’re sending them, this will give you ideas on what they want.

Make sure to Always read other affiliate offers, find hidden gems. The more you add value to Yourself the more value you’ll be able to give to others.





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