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I’ve always wanted to start my own blog, the more I thought of it, the more nervous I got.

Every day I used to fight that voice inside my head-Who would read it? What should I post? What if people see it and judge me?

Years passed and I figured that I better start sooner than later.

I was tired of having to work two jobs and never had time for myself, so I finally had the courage to start a blog on a budget.

Little did I know that It takes more skill than money to start a profitable blog.

Starting a blog for free is completely doable! even if you want to monetize it later.

Money shouldn’t be an issue when starting a blog, a blog is all about creating valuable and engaging content for the web.

In this article, I’m going to give you 8 reasons why you might want to start one, so here we go:

Start a Blog on a Budget


  1. Gain confidence: The more you practice your craft, the better you get at it.

I’ve always been a shy girl who instead of getting out there and start making youtube videos, wanted to sit behind a monitor and type.

All I needed to do is start doing to gain confidence.

When I invest in myself I help my audience grow with me. Having a blog it’s not about me anymore, it’s about my readers.

At the end of the day, Your core values are what matters the most.

The freedom I have to have my own space on the web to help users helped me gained confidence.

Writing on a daily basis and having always something to learn increased my awareness.

Start a Blog on a Budget

2.  Stress Relief:

Creating written content is a form of self-expression that keeps your thoughts organized.

Every time I come home from work writing helps me relieve stress. I put all of my thoughts on paper.

Helps me monitor my progress and see what the next thing I need to do for my readers.

Writing also boosts your memory and inspire creativity.

As I made it a daily goal, it got easier to write and eventually became a piece of cake.

It’s very therapeutic now that I can’t live without writing!

Although not everything I write I publish I still Write to improve my skills.

helps me stay focus on my blogging journey helping improve mental clarity and focus.


Start a Blog on a Budget


3. Financial earnings:

You’ve probably heard of people who are already making money blogging!

In fact, that’s why I wanted to blog in the first place,

I was tired of the nine to five grind and I was ready to get to the next level in my life.

Having additional sources of income can be beneficial.

If you joined an MLM and you’re trying to get leads? Blogging can help.

You could sell your products and services through your blog

Blogging takes work, it can be a profitable career if you treat it as a career.

The more content you create the easier it gets to rank your site on google.

One of the most commons ways to make money from your blog is to place ads on your website, include affiliate links, sell your own products or write sponsored posts.


Start a Blog on a Budget


4. The blogging community is great:

I’ve never had friends that were interested in the same things I liked growing up,

so connecting with other bloggers it’s a real treat.

Helping people helps to stay motivated and build great relationships.

This was probably one of the hardest things I had to do because of my shyness so reaching out to bloggers scared me a little.

You can guarantee there will be a community waiting to embrace you.

Connecting and modelling other successful bloggers is the key to blogging success.

You can share your posts to the community and get traffic

Start a Blog on a Budget


6. Development of technological skills 

Whether it’s editing pictures and using templates or changing the design of your blog by using basic coding.

It is very hard not to learn basic tech skills while blogging.

Blogging will put you in a position where sooner or later you’ll find yourself googling a technical problem to fix yourself.

In today’s digital era it comes in handy developing technical skills.

Good news is that that there are web hosting sites that can help you with the technical side of your website if you’re not able to fix.

Why worry about those when you have posts to write?


Start a Blog on a Budget


7. Creates opportunities.

The more you grow the more opportunities you create for other people.

Like hiring a Staff team to help you run your blog.

Not only that but with the skills you learned from blogging you can expand your online marketing career and start other business.

Whether it be in friendship, financial or self-growth blogging gives you endless opportunities and gets you noticed in your own way.

Start a Blog on a Budget


8. Improves communication skills.

Communication is a skill honed through countless hours of practice.

When you articulate your thoughts into words, the process ends up improving your ability to express yourself.

As I keep writing my communication skills improve.

Even though I might not have the power to read minds I can still put myself in other people’s shoes and be more comprehensive.

The habit of daily improving my vocabulary helped, not only improve my communications skills but become a better and clearer thinker.


Start a Blog on a Budget


 The Benefits Come with Practice

If you want to have a blog as a hobby and just write you can do that for free. If you want to start for free and monetize later you can do that too!

The money will always be welcome in the long run

Having a blog is having a voice to represent your self, your art and what you can contribute to the web.

Blogging is a journey, that it’s not for everyone, Only to those who have the patience to develop valuable skills without getting into debt.

Want to start a Blog for free as a hobby during these times?

Sing up to get 5 days to building a profitable blog email course for free.

 Should you start a blog on a budget?

Would you do it even if you had nothing to lose? Let me know in the comment section below!







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