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Tired of being scammed?

You might be wondering how do bloggers get paid? I always liked the Idea of making money online.

Because seriously, who doesn’t?

and the thought of becoming a blogger was always on my mind.

but I always thought bloggers worked for free and basically did it for clout. To become the next Perez Hilton or Lauren Conrad.

But when I learned the Idea of making money online, I was in!!

To my surprised I found out that most bloggers make their money from affiliate marketing but,

what is affiliate marketing right?

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is selling other people’s products for a commission.

The money you make it really depends on the work you put into your online business.

If you have a website related to the beauty niche then you might want to be an affiliate for beauty brands like Avon or Monat.

Begin Affiliate Marketing


With more people staying at home, means that selling online products it’s the easiest and sometimes fastest way to make money online.

So If you’re an entrepreneur at heart that wants to quit the 9-5 scam sooner then later?

I’m going to give you 6 ways to begin affiliate marketing right now as a beginner.


Begin Affiliate Marketing


Creating an Audience:

By creating and finding solutions to problems and needs you also create an audience or a client base

These people become your biggest fans because you help them every day.

As an affiliate marketer finding those people is the first step.

Figuring out their questions and problems then writing about those solutions on a blog.

You might want to make a YouTube video explaining a solution to a topic you’re passionate about.

Offering solutions, often leads to sales.

It’s all about a mind shift. If you’re used to focusing on problems this might be a little hard at first but it’s about focusing on solutions.

Most of those solutions can be affiliate products/offers.

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Learning the basics

Affiliate marketing it’s not hard but it can be hard to start on your own.

I started affiliate marketing is by taking a Boot camp Affiliate training.

If you’re looking for a legitimate way to make money, having the right training is key. You don’t need to worry about inventory, shipping fees or other expenses!

Look for Companies that train you in becoming a successful affiliate to start and earn money.

When you become a profitable affiliate you might want to create your own products for 100% profit teaching others.

People spend more and more time online, the internet is an essential part of our lives.

Right now,  learning an online skill to generate an income was priority for me.

The funny part, is that you never stop learning and you always find room to grow.

I used to work for an eCommerce company and even the owner had to learn basic SEO to attract people to their website.

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Getting Out of your Comfort Zone:

Affiliate marketing it’s simple but it’s not easy, like everything, I had to build trust.

You wouldn’t like if someone came up to you and asked you to buy something without introducing themselves right?

I bet you hate when you’re so focus playing a game on your computer and all of the sudden an ad pops up and you can’t exit out of it.

It’s the same concept in affiliate marketing.

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Having a website to introduce yourself to the world it’s a good start to start affiliate marketing on a budget.

Reaching out to bloggers or commenting on other blogs will also increase attract people to your website when you do it consistently.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative business and it’s worth investing time in the process.

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Focusing on Passive Income:

Yeah! This one is a big one. Who doesn’t like the idea of passive income?

Passive Income is money earned in a way that requires little to no effort.

Although building an affiliate blog may take work to be up and running, it could eventually make you money while you sleep.

I started setting goals for myself after I started seeing results to see how many visitors I needed to make a full time income.

Let’s take for example Wealthy affiliate pays $11.25 recurring (if you have a started membership)

You want to make at least $500 a week you gotta have at least 45 membership accounts a week.

Which is not hard considering the massive online traffic from google. WA teaches you exactly how to do this

Begin Affiliate Marketing


Meet other people

I am a person who loves anime and one of the many things that I learned in Anime is that people are the greatest resources.

That is why cultivating great relationships is important in this Affiliate marketing.

Connecting with other affiliate marketers and learning from them can speed up the process in being successful.

Meet and reach out to other bloggers to take you under their wing.

Having the right guidance to motivate. Most of them might not be able to get back to you but some will.

Taking the lead and joining other blogger communities helps you build back links (helps  in google rankings), learn from them, and have support to motivate you in this business.

There’s no need to go networking events for this, You could follow other bloggers, see if you can provide value to their blog and eventually guest posting to increase your website’s traffic.

Begin Affiliate Marketing

Learning New skills

There’s a lot of ways to drive traffic to your website, but when you’re a beginner is important to focus on only one until you master it.

In my case, as a beginner I focused on SEO my main focus was to start a profitable blog on a budget,

I started with 0 dollars to eventually $50 a month.

I didn’t stop, there is a learning curve but once you learn one way to drive online traffic to your website it’s easier to learn other methods to drive more traffic from other online platforms.

With blogging you get to learn a little bit of everything to eventually build other online businesses.

You can also learn other ways to drive sales to your website.

Begin Affiliate Marketing


You might be thinking that having a website can be a hard task to do but with today’s technology you don’t need to be tech savvy.

Just how you don’t need to invest lots of money in being a wealthy affiliate, just put in the time to succeed

Affiliate marketing is only for people who take charge of their life and want to set a goals of how much they want to earn and believe they can achieve it.

Affiliate marketing is for those confident enough to map out a plan to be financially free.

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