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What is a segmentation strategy


For so many years I struggled to take my blog to the next level. I was sitting on my computer for days googling How to start an email marketing campaign.

I was at that point where I knew I was being somewhat consistent writing but I didn’t know if I was getting online traffic,

I’d only been blogging for four months, but I still didn’t have a strategy in place to start writing emails.

I knew for a fact that sooner or later I had to start email marketing but at the same time.

I was thinking to hire a copywriter to write all of my emails and create a lead magnet and start a list.

Turns out it’s not that easy to create an email marketing campaign but on the other hand, it’s not as boring and scary as I thought it would be.

After learning what is market segmentation About, I was able to have a better understanding of how to write my emails and blog posts.

Understanding people’s problems can help you understand them and create solutions that can help them.

Before I used to be so scared to even write emails on a google sheet, I even spent hours on the computer searching for what to say in an email.

Understanding What is Market Segmentation helps you connect better with your email subscribers and create a conversation that people want to engage with.

This applies to online marketers that are trying to engage their readers in their blog post or email list. If you’re a blogger and can’t find an effective strategy to engage your readers.

An understanding of your subscriber’s buyer persona, building a segmentation strategy and Understanding Lead nurturing might be the solution.


What is a segmentation strategy

Cold, Hot & Warm

Cold, hot and warm are the stages the phases that a buyer goes through,

meaning the cold online traffic know of the problem they know the fears and frustration that the problem creates.

The Cold traffic stage is when you offer a lead magnet, positioning the problem,

when the lead opts-in, they become warm traffic, at this stage they’re aware of what the solution is.

Once they buy the how-to of what the solution is they become hot online traffic,

they’re on your email list.

At this point, you just have to keep reading to find out how to nurture your email leads

When you divide your contacts into smaller groups based on similar traits,

you can tailor your message to be relevant and engaging to the people receiving the email.

Create contextual segments to send your emails more engaging emails.

What is a segmentation strategy

Buyers Persona?

You have cold traffic, that doesn’t know much about the online marketing space, then you emailed them about optimizing their website, the message won’t be as clear and relevant.

A segmentation strategy helps you develop a message that’s designed for every stage of your reader.

In other words, to prepare your reader to receive the next piece of information instead of Overwhelming.

Know exactly who are you helping? are they moms? are they millennials? teachers?

Know why they subscribed to your email list.

A Buyer’s persona is the foundation to make sure you’re sending the right message at the right time to the right person.

Getting to know your Buyer’s Persona will be easier to get readers to engage with your content and help you write a profitable email follow up sequence.


What is a segmentation strategy

How do you create a Market Segmentation?

Segmented campaigns receive fewer unsubscribers by 9.37% and 100% more clicks than non-segmented campaigns do.

Collecting the right information will help you create the segments for your emails.

You can get the information for platforms like quora, twitter, Facebook groups.

There are two essential pieces of information that you need to collect from your contacts:

  1. The Buyer persona that they’re associated with
  2. Where they are in the buyer’s journey

They can fill it out themselves and choose a persona with which they most identify with. You can have them answer a survey and asking them for their opinion.

Cold traffic will be associated with the awareness stage.

Identifying the problem and choosing a title like how to earn 6 figures without going to college, or Why no one is reading your blog, create attention to the reader that doesn’t know the solution yet.

Consideration Stage is where you’ll find your warm traffic emails relating to How to start a Profitable Blog or How I learn to write engaging posts. You’ll find out about subscribers becoming hot online traffic once they buy after sending promotional emails.


What is a segmentation strategy






 In Email Marketing:

As mention above knowing the buyer’s journey of your reader is essential to know when to send emails,

let’s say you want to show your readers a webinar of the 3 ways you make passive income online.

In this first series of emails, you’d ve positioning the problem and making them aware of the situation they’re in an how you can help them accomplish their goals.

Creating lead magnets to position the problem helps the reader be aware of the solution to the problem

The next segment of emails can be on how you solve the problem, the tools you’re using, how you can help them step by step in solving their problems.

Next segment can be about reviews, offers promotional emails of the tools and online courses that helped you and can help them in their online business.

Now, Imagine joining an email list and the very first thing you receive are reviews of products you don’t even know what they’re for? I know right! Boring! I’d quickly hit the delete button..


What is a segmentation strategy

Nurturing Your Subscribers

It’s your opportunity to provide value to your list and subscribers and help them grow with your services.

As a blogger, you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the best way to connect and engage with my readers in the most helpful way?

The answer is by lead nurturing, which is the process of building relationships with your prospects with the goal of earning their business when they’re ready.

It’s a marketing tactic focuses on engaging with your subscribers in a way that encourages to take a specific action.

Successful lead nurturing focus on providing value to your leads by offering the information they need.

Each lead in your database should be nurtured according to their lifecycle stages.

Good nurturing adapts the messaging to stay relevant and helps you gain new subscribers faster, it’s delivered through marketing automation,

which is a software with the goal of automating your marketing actions.

In other words, You can craft your emails based on the action your customer or leads takes this shows them that you’re aware of their interest in providing them with what they need next.

Being human as possible is what builds trust, and trust is what helps you grow your business.

Creating a semifictional representation of your ideal customer or a buyer personal based on real data about your subscriber’s demographics,

behavior patterns, motivations and goals.


What is a segmentation strategy


It takes around 6-8 touches to generate a viable sales lead, marketing automation software and conversations in email marketing, live chat,

Facebook messenger and social media can work to fuel your lead nurturing strategy.

Determining what you want to accomplish is the first step to create a segmentation strategy.

Whether you want to write a blog post or an email follow up sequence having a segmentation strategy can help you be highly productive,

engage with your readers and increase your following.

Understanding your readers is essential to building a right segmentation marketing strategy to help you write better copy.

Understanding the power of Market segmentation and lead nurturing made it easier for me to write better copy overall,

attracting readers and solving their problems.

Ultimately generating more sales and building more trust with your subscribers.

This is just the beginning to build a profitable email follow up sequence.

To follow through this strategy I had to have a full understanding of who my subscribers were, and put myself in their position,

how much knowledge do they have about the problem?

After this, My research keyword strategy changed as well.

If you’re looking in being more productive and effective with your writing a segmenting is really a life changer.

It became so much clearer when I dived more in-depth into the Awareness, Consideration or Decision Stage.

Was this helpful to you? Do you think Marketing Segmentation can help writing a better email follow sequence?

How did you write your email follow up sequence?.






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