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What is Network Marketing and How does it Work?

According to Zig Ziglar, Network Marketing  “it’s just sharing information, helping people make better decisions, and leading them to an improved quality of life”

Is a business model that relies on a network of Independent representatives to grow a business. But how do network marketers make it work?

An “upline”(someone who is in-network marketing) earn commission on their own sales and on sales made by the people sponsored or recruited by them aka a “downline”. The earnings of Network marketers depend on recruitment as well as product sales.






It’s like sharing your opinion

I remembered being eighteen years old, barely getting out of high school and even though I had two scholarships, I could not afford college.

I went from feeling very excited to start college to feeling crushed when my scholarships couldn’t cover the full cost of tuition and couldn’t get a job, like my dream to start a new journey wasn’t going to happen anymore.

Months later, the Avon lady from church stopped by and asked my mom if she can host a facial home party at her house. My mom said yes and this lady motivated my mom and me to start our network marketing business.

At first, I felt out of place, like this isn’t what I wanted. I wanted a whole different experience with people my age. but like ir or not, Network marketing is a 100 billion dollar industry and there’s plenty of potential of becoming financially free.

So when I learned about online marketing, I started learning how to become a super affiliate through blogging

Believe it or not, You’re already a network marketer. Whether at work or talking to your neighbour. You’re sharing your opinion.


Where The Internet plays a part


If you want to be a network marketer but don’t want to bother friends and family or are scared to

give out your business card, you don’t have to anymore.

There’s a lot of ways to let leads on social media. It might take a minute for you to understand how things work but it will pay off if you can focus on one thing to be patient and do the work.

If you sell makeup you might want to Offer a makeup tutorial for every Occasion or how to clean your brushes guide type of thing.

Offering extra value is very important. Let’s say you sell Avon, but there are millions of people selling Avon at the moment (my mom including) What extra value can you offer to your clients? Teach them how to use the products

Use social media to your advantage, join groups relating to your niche and share the tutorials to them but make sure to contact the admins of the groups and understand their rules.

If videos aren’t your thing right now if you’re a little shy on camera, starting a blog might be Ideal, you can use a blog article later to use it in a video.




Network Marketing Business Plan(s)



First off you got to set the right tone or attitude. People may not want to buy your products, services or even join your team now. You want your prospects to feel comfortable about contacting you again, and that depends on how you treat them the first time.

You’ve evaluated the profession, matched yourself with the right company

Network Marketers are usually excited about their business until they start prospecting, Organized your workspace, even invested money and time to learn about the value of the company’s products and services.

Now is time to make money by attracting customers and distributors into your business. Most Network Marketers recruit by hosting home parties, some have been using the power of social media, but possibly for the first time in this new business, you experience fear of rejection from your family and friends.

Don’t let fear get in the way of all your enthusiasm for building a network marketing empire! If you’re an introvert like me, you’re best lead generator will be the Internet, using social media or having a blog. Check out How to get leads in network marketing?

If Homeparties are your thing then have fun at it you can give incentives to whoever brings the most people to your presentation, giveaways and raffles. Go to to find events to network in your area.

Although, there are so many resources out there to make your business fun and entertaining don’t forget to treat your business as just that, A business.


Do your Due Diligence

Don’t make the same mistake I’ve done for years and just joined a network marketing company because of your family or friend or because someone s pressuring you.

If you want to be successful in network marketing the key is to surround with those that are going to get your results and yes this is YOUR business, not your upline’s but beware of people who are just in for the money.

Beware of bad vibes, find out how stable is the company, who would be interested in the product or service?

Network Marketing is about building relationships and the more you focus on straightening those relationships, making people feel good by encouraging them.

Sure, the money is great and believe you rub people the right way and you will see earnings but IF you focus on the money people will sense that and you will just create a bad atmosphere.

Remember you’re responsible for your own energy, and it’s crucial that you protect your energy and your business so you really want to find out all the facts about the company and about your upline or the person sponsoring you.

Surround yourself with those who believe in you, If you decided to create a blog to share the content of your products and services.

Look for an online community and mentorship. In my case, I moved to Salt Lake City and I didn’t know many people. I joined an online community of mentorship for bloggers that walked me step by step in the process.



Look, Not everyone is for network marketing, and you can’t please everybody either but if you learn how to build leaders then you’re an asset to everyone.

Like any business, don’t focus on the money just yet! Focus on building relationships with people, focus on the products, be the product of the product. If you focus on the right things everything else will come.






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