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Have you ever started a website only to leave it for the next day because you spent your whole afternoon figuring out how to do a single small thing?

I have and I can only relate to the pain because this isn’t my first Rodeo.

The first time I started a blog I had to put it on hold for a few months after paying for a yearly subscription on Bluehost.

As an entrepreneur’s time is our most valuable Asset.

This is for entrepreneurs who need a professional website done without the need to code or hiring web developers.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting


Even if you’re a complete beginner and want to have your own professional website guess what?

It CAN be done!

Keep reading because If you’re wondering What is the best blog web hosting Platform even when you’re not tech savvy you might’ve just found it!

With so many free website builders you’re probably feeling overwhelmed but there’s no need to anymore!


What is Blog Web Hosting?


It’s a Service that allows you to make your website accessible via the world wide web.

Kinda like renting server space.

A website builder comes to play when deciding how to put you website together.

Like building a home, Web hosting would be renting the space and the Web building is how you’re going to build your home.

Nowadays there are free website builders, these are great if you just need a simple website for an event nothing to monetize

but if you want to monetize your website sometimes the free options come with high fees in the end.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting

Why Can’t I Use a Free Web Builder for my Online Business?

Here’s why, One of a free web builders is Wix, you will have to sign up to a $13/month plan to get rid of wix ads.

Also lacks a few key features like not being able to create an archive or adding RSS feed to update content.

You won’t have the flexibility to customize your blog as your growing, since it comes with many built-in features,

adding things that aren’t built-in it’s a difficult task.

As you’re growing and building momentum you’re best bet is to look for a web hosting platform that can offer unlimited disk space,

After all, the more content you have the higher are the chances to rank on search engines like Google and Bing.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting

Web Hosting If You’re Not Tech Savvy

When I created my first blog through bluehost, it was a whole new world for me.

Just to be able to contact customer support was a pain.I felt so discouraged that I ended up switching to Clickfunnels.

But financially, Click funnels wasn’t for me so I ended up cancelling my subscription.

Again, I felt discouraged and often wondered if I ever was going to get my own website up and running.

I couldn’t give up at this point after all the money I invested

then I found Siterubix, a web hosting founded by Wealthy Affiliate.

I gave it a try since the first month was only $20.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting


To my surprise, within a week I had a Professional-Looking Website with Content.

Not only was I able to build a website in less than 20 minutes but I was taught how to write posts to have a profitable blog.

Anytime I got stuck with technical issues, their customer support was there for me,

and if I wasn’t able to fix the issue myself they fixed the issue themselves.

Sometimes even sent screenshots to let me know exactly how they were able to fix the issue.

To me, this alone saves me lots of time to focus on creating content for my audience.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting

What Siterubix is Missing

Siterubix is a little different than other Wed hosting platforms because it’s powered by Wealthy Affiliate,you’re not only getting web hosting and Amazing Customer support,

You also get all of the training you can find to have a profitable blog.

But since I joined through an affiliate link from the creator himself,He became my mentor

but because He’s busy most of the time and can’t get to every single question in his inbox.

Sometimes he can’t get to my questions, so I thought it was best if I create a mini guide on what to focus on when joining Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s called 5 days to build a profitable Blog.

Because I found myself focusing on the wrong things it took me a long time to make money online.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting

Making a Difference

After investing time and money on the wrong web hosting platforms, Paying for a $49 subscription or a yearly subscription to save money isn’t that bad.

But if Whether you want to focus on getting free or paid traffic WA has the answers.

If you’re willing and have no problem investing time in consistently create content in your blog to get free online traffic in the long run That’s OK.

But if you want to scale your online business quicker with paid online methods WA Affiliate Boot camp shows you exactly how to create successful PPC campaigns to get 100% ROI.

Having a mentor that could guide me in what to focus and being able to be there when starting my blog was something I wished I had.

Even so, I was able to succeed with my blog and get my website indexed on Google within a few months.

What is the Best Blog Web Hosting

In the 5 days to building a profitable blog email course I walked you step by step on what to focus when starting a blog in WA.

By showing you how to write engaging blog posts and mastering keyword research to rank on Google.

But If you’re willing to invest the money in creating profitable PPC Campaigns The WA Affiliate Boot camp is the place to start.

I might’ve went to far, when you were just looking for a web hosting platform.

Either way if you’re just looking to build a simple website for free without a domain name then Siterubix is still the best option by far

You can join for free here by taking the Online entrepreneur Course.

I get very passionate about this subject since my journey building a website online was complicated.

But enough about me, Have you found a better web hosting platform?

If so, which one is it? Let me know in the comment section below!





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