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When I first started my blog I didn’t see it necessary creating a business logo.

I always thought that I needed a graphic designer to create a logo. I hear people recommend Fiverr or Upwork.

it’s time-consuming and an unnecessary expense. As a beginner, the best way to go is to create a logo for free.

Taking action is what matters, letting time go by time waiting for a designer to get it done might slow your business brand.

After finish reading this article, you’ll feel confident enough to go on Canva, and create a business logo for your blog.

the best way to start a blog on a budget is prioritizing and minimizing expenses

After all, focusing on developing great content writing skills is most important, to build a habit of creating content consistently, focusing on the things that matter the most and create momentum.

create a business logo

Why do you want a logo?


Before, I thought that a Logo wasn’t necessary mainly because I didn’t have great graphic design skills and going through freelancers in Fiverr wasn’t working for me 

As time went by, I realized that I really need a business logo if I was going to drive traffic to my website, I want people to remember my blog.

A logo is like a flag to a business and brand identity’s foundation 

It separates you from the competition. Making a significant impact on a website’s perception. 

create a business logo


Reveals your identity

 A logo creates recognition within your niche. If you decide to have an exit strategy to sell your company in the future.

A logo can help you transfer it to someone else it making it an appealing asset to sell.

A logo relates to a brand in an intimate way. Creating a bond between your audience and your brand.

create a business logo


When it’s the Perfect time to create a logo?


The sooner the better! and to be honest it shouldn’t take you long. I’ll she showing you later in this article.

I started blogging about affiliate marketing and didn’t see it convenient to create a logo right from the start.

I had to focus on optimizing my page and posting, by the third month I came up with my own course then that’s when I realized that I had to create a logo.

The Ideal is to have a logo from the start and create it in Canva at no cost

create a business logo

What you need to create a logo:


  • Primary color and secondary color, (maximum 3 colors)
  • No gradients (i.e. black to white and it fades)
  • Flat design (no drop shadow)
  • brand name in the logo
  • Horizontal vs vertical
  • Printable and reversible

Printable to embroider your logo on clothes because it’s really hard to embroider when you have a gradient or a flat design.

You want to your logo to be sharp and clean

Let’s say you want to print your logo on a black tissue, you want to have the ability to reverse the color on a dark background.

This is optionally but recommendable to see the big picture, so it’s easier for the printers to design

create a business logo

What Is Canva?

It’s a free cloud base software with 851+ logo templates and great quality outputs.

You can save your designs as a PDF, JPG, PNG.

The difference between a PNG and a JPG, it’s that png’s have transparent backgrounds whereas JPGs cannot have transparent backgrounds.

Whenever you want a graphic with a transparent background and No canvas then you want to save your design as a PNG. 

If it has a picture in the graphic, save it as a JPG otherwise the file size gets too big.

Next, is to create your logo for free in Canva .

Get creative!

Even though there is a small learning curve in canva, as a graphic designer amateur Canva is much more simple to learn and use than Photoshop.

Here’s where you create most of your blog graphics.

Here’s how you create a logo on Canva for free


Step 1

Click the Canva Icon below

create a business logo




Step two


 Click on Custom dimensions:

create a business logo


Then type 512 x 512 and create new design

create a business logo

Step 3


Select an element, this can be any shape I prefer a square or you can choose one of their many templates.

create a business logo


Step 4


Choose any color or Icon you want.

create a business logo


to choose the money sign for my blog, I’m just going to add a heading and enter Shift +4 at the same time.

Adjust the element/icon by dragging the corner dots to make it bigger

create a business logo


Step 5

create a business logo


You can also make the sign a little bigger by increasing the font size. If you want to change a font color you can do that by clicking A and selecting the color 

create a business logo


Step 8

create a business logo

create a business logo


 After you’re done creating your logo, click download. If you select pro picture, usually they cost $1 or if you can try Canva for free for 30 days by upgrading, you’ll get

  • an entire library free,
  • create transparent backgrounds,
  • resize pictures, and
  • pictures without the blurriness. 


The reality is if you’re going to be paying for a good professional logo don’t pay $5, wait until you think it’s time to reinvent your brand and if it’s the right strategy.

People are drawn to interesting colors and design.

A logo should be designed to draw interest and pique curiosity of your potential customers



Having a logo can be important in your marketing depending on your niche. You want to get the logo tell your viewers that this is your blog.

 Make a good first impression, your audience expects a logo,otherwise how are they going to remember you?

Find inspiration with other successful logos, but don’t copy. I made this into a quick guide because it really shouldn’t take that long. Creating a your own logo it’s fun and easy.

You can have your logo on every info product/ piece of content that you create, it will make your readers feel at home. 

Creating a business logo for free when you’re a beginner it’s the smartest way to start a profitable business you want to minimize expanses and invest on skills/assets.

Do you think a logo it’s important for your business? how?


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