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If you don’t know how to find content for a blog it’s ok, there are ways to make money online without figuring out what niche you want to go for. Lots of gurus tell you to pick a niche to be profitable online. Today I’m going to show you how I find content for my blog, learn and make money while doing so.

Lots of bloggers, including me deal with writer’s block. As an affiliate, you don’t have to deal with this if you have the proper training on becoming a wealthy affiliate

How to find content for a blog

Why You Want to Become a Wealthy Affiliate

At first, I was having a hard time being consistent with my blog, since I couldn’t find any topics that I was good at or affiliate programs to promote since I had just barely started my blog. Becoming part of the wealthy affiliate program was the best decision that I could make.

I’ve never seen any other program that helps affiliate build a profitable and sustainable online business. It will take you to step by step on how to build your initial framework of content, from your about me posts to creating insightful reviews.

Every year Wealthy Affiliate runs an ultra-exclusive WA Superaffiliate conference in LAs Vegas, all expenses paid, If you can make 300 referrals in a calendar year, you’ll be invited by the CEO Kyle and Carson to hang out with them in Vegas. Other companies try to convince you to attend their “high ticket” conferences while WA wants to pay for you to come to their conference

How to find content for a blog

How I Find Content for My Blog

With the extensive training offered at wealthy affiliate, I don’t think I could ever run out of content. I first watch a training video or go over one of their many training.

For example, there’s one called Setting up your website, I then go over the training, and write notes as I go along, each course has its own affiliate link for you to promote in your blog posts, so you can get the credit. Ideas always pop up when I’m building content around a specific subject and I always write down my ideas in a google sheet.

Then I research keywords related to my topic and then create a blog post directing people to the FREE training. It’s really not hard, all you have to do is write blog posts and do the work.


The first time I created a free WA account, I didn’t even take it seriously, the tasks looked easy so I thought might as well do this, but I knew that deep inside I wanted to challenge myself to have my own blog and to at least write one blog posts. Next thing I know I had a few blog posts and a professional-looking website. I felt so proud of myself, that it made me want to keep going


How to find content for a blog




WA Bootcamp


When you first get started with the WA Bootcamp, you’ll be prompted to write down your goals and get acquainted with the WA Community, which is very important. The more value you give, the more successful you’ll be. As part of the WA community you’ll be able to comment on other members websites and vice versa, this way it becomes easier to rank on the search engines.

By the time that you’re finished with the Online entrepreneur certification, you’ll start making some revenue. 

No website? No problem!


At wealthy affiliate you’ll be able to build a profitable website, you’ll need one if you really want to make a sustainable income online. The training consists of:


  1. Getting your business rolling
  2. Content, Keywords and conversions
  3. Giving your site Social Value
  4. Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get a brand through media
  5. Knowing your audience & Catapulting your referrals
  6. Bing, Yahoo & The power of PPC
  7. How to scale Successful PPC Campaigns


How to find content for a blog


Feeling overwhelmed?


Look, I get it you might be asking yourself: but I still need to know what my website should be about? 

I had the same question but luckily the WA Boot Camp provides you with a long list of niches for you to choose from. 

When I used to promote other affiliate programs, I had no idea how or where to start or what kind of content should I use. I was so overwhelmed surfing through Clickbank and Warrior plus and would always look for answers on google or youtube.

The WA community is very helpful in answering a question not to mention their site support, that it’s always going the extra mile, you could rest assured that building your website through wealthy affiliate won’t be a problem.


Online traffic: SEO


People biggest concerns with their blog is Always traffic. It’s going to feel like it doesn’t make sense right now, you’ll be making lots of progress. Creating consistent blog post every week and still won’t see a dime yet but you’ll be making progress. I know because that’s how I felt, I felt like my blog was already ready to make some sales, but you’ll still need to find your own voice and learn how to automatize your business. 

SEO techniques like the low hanging fruit are just one of many that will help you rank.  The first thing to do will be understanding keywords to start your own content, If you don’t know what a keyword is or how to research your keywords yet, this course will guide you step by step to get your website ready for search engines.

You’ll learn how to use Jaaxy for Keyword research. The weekly live training will let you ask questions to the experienced affiliate marketers that are already making a 7 figure income in their business. 


How to Find Content For a Blog


Google and other Search engines exists because of content and if you’re able to deliver quality content you’ll be able to get great rankings. If you’re an impatient person like I was, it will take time. SEO is one of those techniques where you need time to create momentum and let google that you’re in for the kill by being consistent.

Focus on your accomplishments, Don’t quit give yourself at least 3 months to be able to see results. Have you ever tried SEO? How do you find content for your blog?



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